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A Sheltered Monk

By day, Lucían brews potions and illuminates manuscripts in service to the monastery that took him in as a child, wielding magic based in his faith and his purity. By night, he dreams of the world outside the cloister--a world he knows only in books and scrolls...

A Mysterious Warrior

A mercenary known as the She-Wolf hunts for a shipment of stolen manuscripts. When she needs a mage to track them down, she chooses Lucían for both his adorable blushes and his magic. She purchases his contract, hurling him headfirst into an adventure that will test both his skills and his self-control...

A Sacred Vow

Inexorably drawn to the She-Wolf's strength, surprising kindness, and heated touches, Lucían fights temptation at every turn. His holy magic is both vital to their mission and dependent upon his purity. How can he serve both her and the Lord if he gives in to his desire? As intrigue and danger forces them closer, how can he possibly resist?

October 30
Unnatural Redhead Creations
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ktt W ,

I loved this a lot

This book was a delight to read from start to finish - I was sooooo disappointed when I realized that I was near the end. Lucian and Glory have killer chemistry from the start, but what I loved the most was how much they *like* each other. I picked this up after having just read another romance novel where the characters were dramatically in love but also awful to each other, and so the mutual respect here really stood out. And beyond the romance - it was so so wonderful to watch Lucian grow into himself here! I’m so so proud of him. I also want to give a shout-out to the secondary characters, who were an absolute delight and had such strong and clear personalities.

tl;dr I absolutely adored this book and cannot WAIT for the sequel