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Duty before desire...honor before truth.

Miss Abigail Lyon wants an education, not a husband. A respectable match would redeem her family's besmirched reputation from her sister's scandalous elopement, although surely none of the ton's eligible bachelors count curiosity as a desirable trait in a wife. Abbie finds herself confronting an offer that may be too good to be true.

Jack Bonnington is a rake turned spy, recruited by the Crown to ferret out a traitor. To provide a cover for his clandestine mission, he must pursue the very brilliant and beautiful Miss Abigail. The ruse takes a dangerous turn when they discover their secret is at risk of being exposed. Is the heightened passion a pretense or a prelude to something more dangerous? Can a man bound by honor to his country and a woman ensnared by duty to her family accomplish an impossible mission that gives them the freedom to love and live as they choose?

Enjoy the passionate, suspenseful Regency world of the Code Breakers, where daring lords and ladies decode the path to happily ever amidst their dangerous, heroic fight against Napoleon's treacherous designs.

July 24
Jacki Delecki
Doe Bay Publishing LLC

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Arieslady52 ,

This rebel miss breaks more than one code

Jackie Dekecki writes a pretty good Regency-era romance. She has one here, with A Code of Honor, in which brilliant non-conformist young Abbie of the upper crust would rather dabble in code-breaking for the War Office than heed her parents wishes that she marry as far above their station as she can reach. Making the mistake of confiding her wish to pursue mathematics to an old family friend, Jack Bonnington, she manages to provoke the typically chauvinistic attitudes of the time. She also manages to baffle, irritate, and completely captivate him. It's a good story, with lots of suspense, wit, and romantic tensions bubbling below the surface. I like every one of the female characters (except Abbie's mother, whom we are meant to dislike) but I can't say much good about Jack, the hero. He's just TOO much - overbearing, over-protective, over-reacting, and so mentally fooled by lust - just a little over the top, IMHO. Abbie doesn't seem to mind in the end. That it all comes down to Rule, Brittania and HEA is no surprise. That it is well-plotted and action filled, as well historically on point (the only 'oops' was Jack using the word ":sexy" - so 20th century!) is a bonus. That it works as a standalone is a tribute to Ms. Delecki's talent for spinning a fine yarn. My thanks inks to the author for the ARC, and this has been a voluntary, independent, and uncompensated review.

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