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Undercover spy Lord Cordelier Rathbourne never expected that his most dangerous mission would be on England's home shores. As the new Director of Intelligence, he's reunited him with the one woman he never stopped loving: the indomitable Lady Henrietta of the brilliant code breaking Harcourt family. She remembers his libertine past all too well, and she's determined not to let the infamous rake back into her life. But when Henrietta's brother is kidnapped on a clandestine mission in Paris, she knows Cord is her best hope at saving him. If only that old passion didn't burn so bright between them still...

In their fight to save her brother, Cord and Henrietta must unravel a deadly web of international intrigue. With deadly assassins tracking their every move, Henrietta must trust Cord with more than her carefully guarded secrets--she must give him her heart.

Enjoy the passionate, suspenseful Regency world of the Code Breakers,where daring lords and ladies decode the path to happily ever amidst theirdangerous, heroic fight against Napoleon's treacherous designs.

February 14
Doe Bay Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Suz Clark ,

heart pounding romance and intrigue

Spies, lies and intrigue with heart pounding romance thrown into the mix – A Code of Love by Jacki Delecki is a fantastic book. This is my first time to read Delecki’s work and I am so glad I stumbled upon her. When Lady Henrietta Harcourt is rescued from drowning by the very man she detests, her life is changed in an instant. Cordelier Richard Beaumont, Earl of Rathbourne is a handsome rogue that Henrietta wants to avoid. She wants nothing to do with the man she believes uses and abuses women. But Cordelier or Cord is not all he appears to be and Lady Henrietta is thrown fully into the dangerous world of spies and Napoleonic intrigue.
“He lowered his head with infinite slowness and touched his cool dry lips to hers. He tasted her as if she were a sweet to be savored, nibbling on her lower lip. He played and pleasured her mouth until a trembling moan rose from her throat. She had never imagined kisses like these tender caresses, that made the lonely space around her heart swell with joyful need.”
Absolutely loved this book and have already ordered the rest in the series. Highly recommend.
I received this book from Instafreebie

jdh2690 ,

A Romp of a Romance!

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romantic suspense story about Henrietta (a female code breaker during Napoleonic times) and Richard, the Earl of Rathbourne (a spy in the administration of England’s war office). It was quite a romp between the two as Henrietta had known Richard years before as a dissolute rake and was a very independent female…and the overbearing Richard now had to conduct his dangerous spy business while trying to dispel his bad reputation and woo Henrietta at the same time. An exciting time was had by all as they solved mysteries and wound their way to a happy ending! A fun romance I can heartily recommend.

glhince ,

a wonderfully rich Georgian-era historical romance

Set in 1802, the peaceful time between England and France, and just before the ascension of Napoleon, Jacki Delecki has penned a wonderfully rich Georgian-era historical romance with plenty of suspense and intrigue to please the most discerning of readers.

Lady Henrietta is a wonderfully intelligent character, and even more intriguing, with her family’s work for the Home Office Intelligence division; she was allowed to use her skills in deciphering the coded messages sent in wartime. While she has acceded to the norms for society: debutante ball, stringent behavioral expectations, she has been the family stalwart in caring for her mother until her death. Marriage is now expected, and while she understands the expectation, she wants a man who will recognize and respect her work for the home office, if not join forces with her to aid in the protection of the home country.

Cord, Earl of Rathbone, is newly ascended and deeply guilty over his position. His elder brother’s death gave this second son the title, and this reformed rake is determined to protect his family and serve his country with his skill at code deciphering. Familiar with Henrietta, her exuberant and self-assured approach to life intrigues him, especially as she displays zero interest in him as a man.

These two are delightful foils for one another; their bantering is brilliantly conceived and quite amusing as early on only the reader understands they are both working for the same side. Additionally, Henrietta only knows Cord’s past behaviors and reputation, and is unaware of the efforts he has put forth since inheriting the title. Now Cord is determined to protect those in his family and circle, and his admiration and attraction to Henrietta place her firmly in his sights.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to see a woman use her intelligence, and to finally be accepted for her skills and use, even though it was a hard revelation for Cord. I will say that once the two started to trust in one another, and Cord was able to see Henrietta’s sense and skill, and appreciate the daring with which she would tackle every task their connection deepened and enriched the story as their romance was a given and not a maybe.

With plenty of secondary characters to add to the suspense, insertions of historical detail to set the scene and solidify the world-building, this story kept me engaged and involved wondering just what would be happening next. Readers of historical fiction who appreciate a strong female protagonist, accurate historic insertions, romance and a good story will enjoy this read.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review with Tasty Book Tour. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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