A Cowboy's Choice A Cowboy's Choice
Book 13 - The McGavin Brothers

A Cowboy's Choice

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Publisher Description

This cowboy’s on the ropes…

Seasoned wrangler Brendan Sawyer’s on board with Jo Fielding’s plan to skip the dating routine and test their compatibility during a weekend at a Montana resort. Brendan’s convinced they’ll get along just fine. They’re not kids anymore, so why not dive right in? Even better, they’ll be surrounded by luxury accommodations. Then the plan implodes, leaving them stranded in a dicey rural cabin with frigid air seeping through the cracks and no hot water. Tempers begin to fray. Then the buffalo herd arrives… 

Saddle up for the popular McGavin Brothers series of steamy western romances from the NYT bestselling author who brought you the Buckskin Brotherhood series. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns, and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love meeting the residents of Eagles Nest, Montana.


The books in this series are standalone romances and can be read in any order.

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February 1
Ocean Dance Press
Audrey Sharpe

Customer Reviews

Jaymy M. ,

A fun, fast fiery read

If you want a red hot read to rekindle your interest in the McGavin clan, this book will do it. This pair met and were instantly attractive in the previous book.
In fact, I recommend reading it to fully get the impact of Jo and Brendan's connection from the get-go. Otherwise, this one might seem like he's abut obsessive stalker for her and that all she's the kind of gal who easily engages in casual romps with a virtual stranger.
Brendan may be silvering but he's in no way slowing down. No pills for this guy. And Jo might be old enough to have a grandkid but this Whine and Cheese pal isn't over the hill yet.
She's ready for some adult fun, if not a relationship. Forget dating, she wants to skip the fake posturing and really see how well they fit in bad and in their personal beliefs; so, she proposes a weekend at a resort she lucked into to scratch the itch that has 'em both twitching with need and the surface to who Brendan really is.
Brendan isn't opposed to the idea. After all, he has moved back to the states from his beloved 'Stralia after meeting Jo. He's never been hitched but then, he's never felt the way he dies about her. He just has to figure out how to show her, to give her a chance to fall for him too. Jo getting that hotel was providence.
Too bad their fab weekend alone doesn't go exactly as planned, thanks to a near blizzard that suddenly blows in just as they're heading out. The events that occur test their suitability from the get go, really showing what they're made of, how the handle stress and adapt to unexpected trials, how well they work together and how their personalities match. And, of course have lots of nudie times in between.
They get to know each other pretty well during their stay in a drafty cabin without hot water, limited food and firewood. There's even a herd of wild animals to add to the excitement.
And, I appreciate that VLT writers them responsible adults, who remember to grab and use protection.
Of course, any book that can use an Alexander Skarsgard movie as a plot device automatically gets points. If that Swedish hunk doesn't get your motor revving, you need to check your battery.
This pair comes together fast and hard. But, what do you expect from a guy who sees what he wants and doesn't let living on another continent dissuade him.

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