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She was one of the guys until he kissed her…

A sexy cowboy romance from the NYT bestselling author who brought you the Sons of Chance and Thunder Mountain Brotherhood series.

Cody McGavin is thrown for a loop. Faith Underwood has announced she has a vexing condition. Virginity. And she wants him to remedy the situation. He hasn’t been involved with a virgin since he was one and he’s not convinced he’s up to the challenge.

Faith hadn’t given much thought to sex. Then she saw Cody. He’s the perfect choice to show her what she’s been missing. He’s gorgeous, trustworthy…and leaving town in two weeks. But first she has to convince him to go along with her plan.

How can she seduce a sexy cowboy when she’s been an ugly duckling all her life?

Saddle up for book two in the McGavin Brothers series. If you like sexy cowboys, memorable characters and a touch of humor, you’ll love A Cowboy’s Honor.

April 1
Ocean Dance Press
Audrey Sharpe

Customer Reviews

TR / Blonde Betty ,

Change Happens

I love throwback stories. You know, the ones that gently poke fun at the romance of old, while still being totally modern and fun? A Cowboy’s Honor, the latest McGavin Brothers novel by Vicki Lewis Thompson, is that in spades. Our heroine knows about love and romance from reading historical romance novels and she greatly wants to be ravished. Our hero is the spoiled pretty one. Together they are definitely more than they are alone. At the same time, this novel takes on the idea of change and how much we always want things to stay the way they are. Not surprisingly, the fictional world changes as much as ours does.

There is a very peripheral secondary love story between Faith’s dad and one of the Whine and Cheese ladies. I am hopeful that others enjoyed it as much as I did and we might get to see these ladies get their own HEAs down the road.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.

Jaymy M. ,

A fun fast pa ex read... haven't "met" a McGavin yet who didn't steal a little piece of my heart

A fun fast paced read. I enjoyed getting to know Cody, the cute flirty McGavin with the heart as big as the Montana sky, and Faith Underwood, a cowgirl ready to find out what all the books and cowboys have been talking about.

Faith may be naive and inexperienced, but after laying eyes on Cody, who returned home to help out his mom when she broke her leg and round up the necessary gear for his lifelong adventure, she figures a guy like is just the one to teach her about sex. And, to make it fair and interesting foe him, she offers to loan him her horse for use during his impending trip. Plus, it'll help her out since she just doesn't have enough time to properly exercise her horse and her dad's too, and it saves him the cost of buying a horse he'll only have to sell in a couple of months when his grand adventure is done.

Try as he might, Cody ultimately gives in and agrees to help her out. They agree to a few evenings together before he leaves, but to keep it quiet, since it's just sex. Their families might not understand the arrangement, and she does work for his mom. But, if he's gonna do it, be one time walk on the wild side, he wants it to be good for her, something she won't forget. So he brings out candles and makes sure she's always as comfortable as possible. It's just fun... right?

There's no "wash, rinse, repeat" to this brief arrangement. Who knew Faith was hiding a knockout body under all those baggy western shirts and jeans or that you could burn down an entire forest with the heat arcing from those two.

As is typical of VLT books, the supporting cast add the extra something that keeps ya turning pages from one book to the next to see how things turn out for them too.

Enjoyed the family dynamics between the McGavins as well as between Faith and her dad. Also great to see how things are playing out for Zane and Mandy, from the first McGavin Brother's book, "A Cowboy's Strength, and Zane's raptor rescue thanks to The Whine and Cheese club. Awesome to see Mandy's passion for her design inspired by Faith as a means to help with the program.

Thanks Vicki for the ARC and the opportunity to spread the word about such an interesting series. So far, haven't "met" a McGavin male yet who didn't steal a little piece of my heart. You write such believable, lovable characters.

Cher o ,

A Cowboys Honor

This is the second book in the new McGavin brother series. In this book we meet up with the youngest brother Cody. He is home preparing for a two month adventure trip taking him into the wild where he will be videotaping his adventure. While home preparing for the trip he meets newcomer Faith. She has moved to the area with her dad Jim and wants Cody to "deflower". Faith has been raised by her dad and only knows the cowboy ways. She want Cody to help her feel what she's been missing. The two meet up and in the process they fall for each other. A very entertaining and enjoyable book. The humor is great and the book is well worth reading.

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