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Cowboy to the rescue!

When big-hearted Luke Bennett spots a dog stranded on the highway in a snowstorm, he leaps into action. Saving the day is what this sexy cowboy does. Whether it’s a stray animal in peril or a business going down the tubes, Luke’s the guy to call.

But it will take all his management skills to rescue Abigail Summers from bankruptcy. Although she bakes like an angel and her pastries are a hit, the devil’s in the details. She could be Luke’s dream girl, but her cardboard box overflowing with a year’s worth of receipts is his worst nightmare.

Saving the day and winning the girl looks damn near impossible. Then again, he has a four-footed ally named Delilah.

Saddle up for book seven in the McGavin Brothers series. If you like sexy cowboys, memorable characters and a touch of humor, you’ll love A Cowboy’s Kiss.


A Cowboy's Strength (Book 1)

A Cowboy's Honor (Book 2)

A Cowboy's Return (Book 3)

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A Cowboy’s Courage (Book 5)

A Cowboy’s Christmas (Book 6)

A Cowboy’s Kiss (Book 7)

A Cowboy’s Luck (Book 8)

A Cowboy’s Charm (Book 9)

A Cowboy’s Challenge (Book 10)

A Cowboy’s Baby (Book 11)

A Cowboy’s Holiday (Book 12)

A Cowboy’s Choice (Book 13)

A Cowboy’s Worth (Book 14)

A Cowboy’s Destiny (Book 15)

A Cowboy’s Secret (Book 16)

A Cowboy’s Homecoming (Book 17)

January 5
Ocean Dance Press
Audrey Sharpe

Customer Reviews

Jaymy M. ,

3.5 star enjoyable read

If you were expecting this to be about a McGavin brother.... well, there are only so many McGavin's. Plus one's brother-in-arms, and his sister. Maybe rebrand so that it's the town or area?

Otherwise, this was a fun read about an awesome baker with no business acumen and the man who'd help her sort her receipts and finances... and the oh so cute dog he finds in the snow.

In fact, the lovable pup will steal your heart. She's sweet, smart, well trained and loving. Delilah's really steels the thunder from the two main humans, but somehow, I don't think they'd mind. The subplot of figuring out how she ended up in the snow and to whom she belonged, if Luke would get to keep her. I love some of her interesting habits and training.

The acceptance Luke's parents show his obviously adult relationship I find unique. But them again, what pastor do you know who'd dress in tights and cape for a fundraising talent show held at a bar for.... even for charity? No platitudes or judgement expressed there, only his mom's thrill at coming out of retirement as matchmaker and planner for her kids' wedding.

Loved Kendra and the Whine and Cheese Club gals, catching up with Badger and characters introduced in other books., as well as getting to k ow Abigail's BFFs.

The chemistry between luke and Abigail is palpable from the moment they meet, and grows. I didn't get as attached to these two as couples in prior books, bit it was an enjoyable read.

* book received in exchange for an honest review. Would give it 3.5 stars

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