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Never underestimate a cowboy…

Hiring graphic artist Roxanne Sawyer to design a logo for his bar might be the most brilliant decision Michael Murphy ever made. Every time she comes through the door of the Guzzling Grizzly, his heart dances a two-step. But now he wants to focus that creative energy in a new direction.

For one glorious night he gets his wish. He believes Fate has drawn them together, but Roxanne blindsides him with morning-after regrets. He’ll need the luck of the Irish to convince her to take a chance on love…

Saddle up for the eighth book in the popular McGavin Brothers series of western romances from the NYT bestselling author who brought you the Buckskin Brotherhood series. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns, and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love The McGavin Brothers. Pick up your copy today!


A Cowboy's Strength (Book 1)

A Cowboy's Honor (Book 2)

A Cowboy's Return (Book 3)

A Cowboy’s Heart (Book 4)

A Cowboy’s Courage (Book 5)

A Cowboy’s Christmas (Book 6)

A Cowboy’s Kiss (Book 7)

A Cowboy’s Luck (Book 8)

A Cowboy’s Charm (Book 9)

A Cowboy’s Challenge (Book 10)

A Cowboy’s Baby (Book 11)

A Cowboy’s Holiday (Book 12)

A Cowboy’s Choice (Book 13)

A Cowboy’s Worth (Book 14)

A Cowboy’s Destiny (Book 15)

A Cowboy’s Secret (Book 16)

A Cowboy’s Homecoming (Book 17)

March 2
Ocean Dance Press
Audrey Sharpe

Customer Reviews

Tish?33 ,

A Cowboy’s Luck

Just plain fun to read! Loved it!

Jaymy M. ,

A fast, funny hot read to add to the series

Michael may not be a McGavin or even a true cowboy, but he's sure on talk drink of water for the parched Roxanne.

The pair in this book really jump start things on the first date. But, really the embers sparked at their first meeting so it wasn't that surprising. Their protection solution only serves to throw gas on the fire between them.

Roxanne's logical approach to a possible relationship instead of a casual affair is comical. Michael's willing to put up with whatever to let things grow. And, boy does the flame burn and their relationship advance at lightning speed.

Both are creative in there own ways, but very different otherwise. He's pretty easy going and thinks on his feet, and doesn't sit still when he can be doing. She's analytical, has to ponder everything to death.

She's been burned before though, so its hard for her to trust. Then there's her brother, who is the typical protective brother... but since he and Roxanne are so close, his opinion has a lot of sway.

Roxanne's family dynamic is fun. Felt like this skimped a little on his, although her dad's already been introduced in the series... who says loves only for the very young? Would have like that to have been developed more... maybe he and Kendra will get their day... ehr book one day too. And what about her neighbor and gal pal? Possibility for the bro?

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