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A Divided Mind

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"A haunting psychological thriller that will stick with you long past the final chapter." 

- Best Thrillers     

Sometimes that little voice in your head isn't always yours.

What if the only friend you have isn't real?  

When the voices in his head begin to make sense, high school senior Branson Kovac turns to the one friend he's still got… only to discover he's not really there.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 27
Tangled Tree Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews


5 Stars Must Read

Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thriller & Domestic

Pages: 322


This is a MUST read! This author has you hooked before you turn the first page.

The title is understatement of the year, A Divided Mind is a novel that encapsulates you in the world of mental health & denial that has you asking for more, more and more.

Trigger warning: be prepared, this book is a mental and emotional roller coaster that in the end proves how strong family and a mother’s love truly is.

How many “real” friends do you have?

Billiter has the right idea, engrossing us into the mind of a teenage boy named Branson.

Five stars to the detail within the words that transports you into every scene as if you are not reading but watching the book play out live.

A Divided Mind keeps you searching for the answer, wondering did I miss something? It is an OMG driven book that you cannot put down.

This book is what everyone needs in their collection, it highlights real issues perfectly wrapped into the world of fiction.


“The noise was a welcome relief, because for a minute, it shut out the static.”

kirchersmiles ,


A Divided Mind by M. Billiter

5 +++++++ Stars

Its been 4 days since I finished this book...I'm still not sure if I'm ready to review it but I have to so that maybe I can get some closure. I've read a lot of books in my life and I've almost met my challenge this year and I've got a handful of favorites so far this year in many different genres. I have to say that this book touched me in ways no other book ever has. I've read many of the reviews where so many said it wasn't what they expected as they were looking for a thriller as it's described.

LiteraryTerms.com defines thriller as
A thriller is a genre of literature, film, and television whose primary feature is that it induces strong feelings of excitement, anxiety, tension, suspense, fear, and other similar emotions in its readers or viewers—in other words, media that thrills the audience.

In my opinion this was every bit the Domestic Thriller I expected. As a Mom I was thoroughly invested in this story and felt every emotion described in the definition above. I can't even imagine how I would have handled everything in this story but kind of feel like it would have been very similar to the actions of what this mother did and how she reacted. I could completely relate to it all. I finished reading this book and had to sit after crying and having a hard time reading the words to finish and I just sat and stared. My husband even asked me if I was ok at one point. I was in awe at how well this story was written and how real this author kept everything. The Mom in this book wasn't perfect, she didn't do what society deems right in every aspect but the one thing she did do was Love with her whole being.

I could probably sit here and write as many words for this review as there are in the book itself so I'm going to focus now on this author. I've read other books by her and genuinely loved them all, but this one has made me seriously want to meet her. I want this book in my hands physically and I know I will read it again and again.

My advice...Read from cover to cover..not just the story but the before and after the story then do what i did and go to her website and read her about me.

Thank you Miss Billiter for giving me this book, it will never leave my mind and no matter what I read in the future this book will always hold a special place with me and i saw a bit of a hint of another to possibly follow. Oh My Goodness I must start preparing for that.

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