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Ex-St. Paul cop Rushmore McKenzie has more time, and more money, than he knows what to do with. In fact, when he's willing to admit it to himself (and he usually isn't), Mac is downright bored. Until he decides to do a favor for a friend facing a family tragedy: Nine-year-old Stacy Carlson has been diagnosed with leukemia, and the only one with the matching bone marrow that can save her is her older sister, Jamie. Trouble is, Jamie ran away from home years ago.

Mac begins combing the backstreets of the Twin Cities, tracking down Jamie's last known associates. He starts with the expected pimps and drug dealers, but the path leads surprisingly to some of the Cities' most respected businessmen, as well as a few characters far more unsavory than the street hustlers he anticipated. As bullets fly and bodies drop, Mac persists, only to find that what he's looking for, and why, are not exactly what he'd imagined.

David Housewright's uncanny ability to turn the Twin Cities into an exotic, brooding backdrop for noir fiction, and his winning, witty hero Rushmore McKenzie, serve as a wicked one-two punch in A Hard Ticket Home, a series debut that reinforces Housewright's well-earned reputation as one of crime fiction's rising stars.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 4
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Tim From Aitkin ,

Interesting read, unless you admire geography

I found this book to be entertaining. It was written in a style you don't see much anymore...kind of old style, private eye.

The author spent alot of time describing the geography of where he was - not all of it correct, but interesting for us local Minnesotans or northern Minnesotans in my case. Why would you go through McGregor on your way to the Twin Cities from Grand Rapids. And no, it's not on 169 as mentioned.

All in all I'll most likely give this guy another shot.

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