Book 3 - A Little Too Far

A Little Too Hot

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Publisher Description

From USA Today bestselling author Lisa Desrochers comes the third book in her sizzling new adult series.

If you play with fire …

Tossed out of college and cut off by her parents, Samantha West is in pretty dire straits. So when her rocker best friend hooks her up with a job dancing at a gentlemen's club, who is she to turn it down? Plus, there are rules to dancing at Benny's: No touching, keep your clothes on at all times, and never get closer than three feet. Unfortunately for Sam, her first private client makes her want to break every single one of them.

Harrison Yates is scorching hot, but he's got a past that involves being left at the altar not too long ago. Sam is determined to make him forget about his ex, but when she makes her move, it flings her life into a spiral of chaos she never saw coming. Because Harrison Yates isn't who he seems to be. And his secret will probably get her killed.

January 21
William Morrow Impulse

Customer Reviews

Lucyangel51 ,

I couldn't stop reading!

Wow, just wow! You start this book thinking you have an idea of how it will end and then...bam!!! Plot twist!! This story was different from the first two in the series. They were more about self discovery and love. Even though this one had it as well, it also had suspense and action.
This is the story of Sam. She's down on her luck. She's been dumped by her boyfriend, been kicked out of school and kicked out of her parents home. Struggling, she rooms with her friend Jonathon and he gets her a job as an exotic dancer in a local club. Little did she know her life was about to be turned upside down.
Harrison can't get Sam out of his head after his first night of asking for a private dance from her. Sam, herself, has never felt this type of attraction in her life. They are drawn to each other quickly, but things are never what they seem and Harrison is not the guy she thought he was.
The story takes a whole other turn and I couldn't stop reading!! Just when you think the drama is over, it creeps up again. I loved that it kept me intrigued and I kept wanting more.
Anyone who has read the first two books knows that the leading man is incredibly charming and sexy. Let me tell you! You will immediately fall for Harrison, or is it Blake?! ;)
Wonderful read!!!

Auguay3500 ,

Dragged unease

The story overall toke to long to get to the point. I found myself skipping paragraphs just to get to the good stuff. The characters were cool but I basically knew what was going to happen before it did.

Valerie@StuckInBooks ,

Scorching hot with some surprise

First Impression...I've been meaning to get to this series but haven't had time. Since this one is stand along, I was excited to jump in. Plus, that cover is smokin' hot.

The Story...This story captured my interest from the first page. I was totally drawn into Sam's mess. And she really has one. Failed out of college and given some tough love by her parents, she finds herself desperate enough to take a job dancing to make the rent. But what really surprised me was the fact that I didn't find myself judging her. Yeah, she's made some poor choices but she's growing up and that happens. Her mess is fixable...well at least at first. I was a little put out by her parents. I get why they cut her off but even if you stop throwing money at it they could have at least continued to call her. That kinda had my mama bear claws out.

The Characters...Okay, Sam spends 90 minutes alone with Harrison and she's fallen for him. I know, you're crying NO insta-love. No worries. The falling is chemistry. Some smokin' hot chemistry. And I think you have to count some of the time Sam was dancing and Harrison was watching her. His attention has a very strong affect on her. I never felt it was contrived. Instead, I loved Sam and her willingness to work hard to figure things out. When the mess becomes worse, I love that she grows up enough to realize she really hasn't made the best choices. Made me love the girl and I, so, have her back. No bad mouthing the dancer on my watch. As for Harrison, I will admit to figuring something out just before it went down. And, while I should be mad at the boy, I just can't be. His situation is tough. And he makes up for it in the end - I think. Love them both.

The Writing...I completely loved the writing. There's been some books lately that I've struggled with and I was so in need of a good one. When time went by in the story, I never felt like I'd missed a bunch and story flowed well. There was just the right amount of action and summary. Very enjoyable to read.

Could I put it down? Did I want to? NO. Did I have to? Yes. Read it over a couple of nights but I could have easily read it straight through if I had the time. I certainly didn't want the breaks. I found myself thinking about it at work and wondering about things.

In The End...Just what I needed after some less than great reads lately. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who loves a very HOT romance with a few surprises.

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