Open House

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He was all I knew before I didn’t know him anymore…

For eleven years, Riley Stallings remained completely devoted to her longtime boyfriend, Brian Shepard. In the beginning, nothing could put a strain on the newly loves—not even an unplanned pregnancy or her parents disowning her for it. But as time goes on, work absorbs Brian, leaving Riley at home, lonely and empty, to handle everything on her own.

But then she meets him—a man who causes a gravitational pull and prompts the earth to disappear from under her feet. A man who makes her struggle to remember her name—her son’s new teacher.

Knowing all relationships face difficult obstacles, she turns a blind eye and blames the lure on the lack of attention and fights even harder to fix her broken relationship. And then it happens… Brian presents an inconceivable challenge, derailing Riley and forcing new beginnings for everyone. Will their love be enough to weather the storm?

February 7
TC Matson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Uloveblanca ,


Seriously one of the best books I’ve read in a long time!! A must read...WITH tissue!!

Angela Lamb ,

Such an emotional rollercoaster!

5 Emotional Stars!

Let me start by saying this is one of those books that I believe a LOT of us will be able to relate to. I know I sure AF did! So much so that my feelings were running down my face while sitting in the dentist office! But I didn’t care! I just couldn’t put it down.

Riley and Brian were young and in love. Found themselves parents at an early age, but charged on. After eleven years together things do change. That’s a given. As Brian pulls farther and farther away, Riley tries that much harder to hold on. Then she meets her son’s new teacher, Trenton. Hello hotness! (They definitely didn’t make teachers like that for my kids…just saying! LOL) The chemistry is instantaneous and palpable between these two and they do strike up a friendship. I know what it’s like to want to feel wanted and needed, and even though she knew she could have that with Trenton, she didn’t give in and was determined to fight even harder for her relationship with Brian. I admire TC for writing such a strong character that doesn’t give in and cheat.

For me a good book is one where I enjoy the storyline and the characters. A GREAT book is one where I find myself so emerged that I can’t help devour every word. One where I can see myself as the heroine in the story because I relate so much to the character. Open House was a GREAT book for me. I have been in Riley’s shoes and I felt like TC Matson took a stroll through my brain and was like “Oh, look! I’ll write about that part of her life” lol. It’s not always pleasant to revisit old feelings from the past, but for me, any book that can make me feel like this one did is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

Open House is definitely an emotional rollercoaster of feelings. It’ll make you smile and cry, make you want to throw some punches (or your kindle), break your heart and then put it all back together again. So, make sure you have your wine and tissues handy, because you’re gonna need them! This is by far, TC Matson’s best work yet and I can’t wait for more!

Angela – Alphas Do It Better Book Blog

CeeJay Daisy ,


I "discovered" TC Matson, via Anne Mercier (who has never steered me wrong), and once I read TC's "The Fighter Series," she immediately moved into my Top 5 authors, so, I was having anxiety waiting for Open House....And even though this book was a surprise and a completely different type of book from her....the wait was SO worth it!!!❤️🌼🔥
If you read her "The Fighter Series," you obviously know the woman can write, but if you are expecting a book, anything like those books, you aren't going to be disappointed, but you are going to be shocked and surprised....but in the VERY BEST of ways....❤️🌼🔥
I want to relay the entire story to you, and I promise, if I did, you'd still buy it to read it for yourself....But I don't want to spoil this gem, for what I think is a great beginning to a different side of TC Matson...This book is intense and real and heartbreaking and the dialogue (although it is written in a single POV) shows us what's inside the heads of all 3 main characters, and we understand why each one is making the decisions they are making.....In my opinion, there are two Heroes and one heroine in this book, and one of the weird parts to me is, although I wasn't always happy with him, I never really saw what is probably suppose to be the "bad guy" Hero, as a "bad guy" at all, (I'd have to spoil the book for you to explain why I feel this way!!), but it takes a genius author to make that happen...The heroine was smart, strong, lovable, a good mother, and it wasn't hard to imagine more than one man in love with her, but, I was happy to see she NEVER CHEATED....and trust me, that couldn't have been easy, but the way TC wrote her part, it was neither surprising nor unbelievable....The second Hero, with whom I instantly fell in love was fantastic, although, one of the two times I actually teared up, cursed TC Matson and threw my kindle involved him and the heroine near the end, because he was breaking both of their hearts while doing what he believed was the right thing to do for both of them and their hearts ...If I keep going, I'm going to tell you about the book all of the way to the end, and you deserve to read it yourself.....You will be sucked in from the first page until the very last.....To me, this book opened a new chapter in TC Matson's writing, and I can hardly wait to see what she has in store for us next....I really think Brian needs his own book!!! Thanks, TC Matson, for another good one!!!!❤🌼🔥

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