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Vin MacKintosh was alive…

After five years of mourning her lost love, Moira MacKenzie had finally move on with her life and seek a husband. Finding out Vincent MacKintosh was alive after all those years dealt her the greatest shock of her life. She should have been thrilled to have the man she'd loved her entire life back, but after so long, she'd forgotten one important detail.

She might have loved Vin, but he had never loved her back.

Vin is a man tormented by the past and, with little hope that her dreams of true love will be fulfilled, Moira instead offers him the friendship he so desperately needs as he integrates himself back into a normal life.

He thought he'd never truly live again…

After years as a prisoner of war, Vin MacKintosh returns with a scarred and battered soul. Beset by guilt and nightmares from his years of torture and torment, he must readapt to a world where everyone he knew is a different person and the world a vastly different place. While everyone else seems to constantly compare him to the man he was, he cannot help but turn to the one person who gives him encouragement and motivation to move on.

As his best friend, Jason MacKenzie's, younger sister, Vin has known Moira her entire life, her letters during the war provided him comfort and understanding. True friendship.  Now that he is back, he needs those things more than ever. However, Vin finds he cannot continue to look at Moira merely as a friend and little sister any longer. He cannot help but see her as a woman…and one too desirable to resist.

Moira makes him feel alive again, but he knows it cannot last. While lust can do nothing but ruin the friendship he desperately needs, Vin knows that the truth about her brother's death would destroy Moira's affectionate for him forever. Plagued by his guilt, he pushes her away when he needs her most.

What will he do when he realizes that what he feels is more than merely a question of lust?

November 14
My Personal Bubble LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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