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Former DISNEY Leader, Peter A. LaPorta

Author of the highly acclaimed , Who Hired These People? and the work named by Amazon to be one of the top 20 motivational leadership books in print, Ignite the Passion, A Guide to Motivational Leadership.

LaPorta is an expert who makes it easy to understand
- Gary Roen, The Midwest Book Review

Every page of this book takes you into one of Peters seminars
-Greg DellaCorte, DAVCO, Inc.

Like having your own personal trainer for the inner soul
-Jeff Fuller, Body Coach, LLC

A Quote for Every Day is a calendar of insight; full of thought provoking ideas. Each and every page will challenge you and give you hours of conversation around the water cooler. Some of the greatest quote authors in history adorn the pages within. Franklin, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Poe, Jefferson, Truman, Clinton, and Mandela. Washington, Einstein, Powell, Steinbeck and Fitzgerald. While you soak in their infinite knowledge, you are kept entertained by some of the least likely quote people. Stern, Rickles, Carlin, Belushi, and Imus tickle your funny bone. You will find yourself singing along with the lyrics of The Beatles, Journey, Presley and Morrison. A cavalcade of stars keep you constantly striving for more.

A Quote for Every Day is not your typical quote book. While several of the quotes are motivational in nature, many others cover a variety of topics to keep you engaged page after page. Quotes on laughter, nature, success, patriotism, and parenthood will keep your gears changing as the days roll by. Love, marriage, religion, and discrimination quotes stir up even the most docile feelings to keep you wanting more. Exploration of the quotes within this book will broaden your mind, inspire you, and make you ponder concepts you never even thought of.

Peter A. LaPorta is a world renowned speaker on motivational matters and has become the guru of customer service for companies and organizations around the globe. His messages have stirred audiences and sparked conversations for generations to come. He has led thousands to greater endeavors and sparked the passion within. Whether you seek enlightenment through motivation or humor in the service world, the collection of books by Peter A. LaPorta will send you on a journey of fulfillment.

Health, Mind & Body
February 23

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