A SEAL's Purpose

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Navy SEAL Kai Green excels at many things, but picking suitable girlfriends isn't one of them. Now he has to marry within forty days or lose the sustainable community he's helping to build. He needs to find a bride, fast, and this time he has to get it right.

Addison Reynolds never leaves anything to chance. She's got a plan to take her from her boring job to an exciting career in New York City. Unfortunately, she's still years away from achieving her dream. So when her wealthy, model sister offers a chance to live in her penthouse apartment rent-free for a year, Addison is ready to do anything she says--including auditioning for the part as Kai Green's wife-to-be on the popular reality television show, Base Camp.

Once again Kai's thrown caution to the wind and followed his instincts rather than his intellect. What makes him think Addison is going to be a better match than any of the other women he's fallen for in the past?

Now that Addison is spending her days--and nights--in close contact with a handsome, smart, sexy Navy SEAL, it's hard to remember that her true goal isn't marrying Kai at all--it's winning the keys to her sister's amazing penthouse back in the city.

Can two people find true love--and their true selves--at the same time?

The Navy SEALs of Chance Creek:

BOOK 1: A SEAL's Oath

BOOK 2: A SEAL's Vow

BOOK 3: A SEAL's Pledge

BOOK 4: A SEAL's Consent

BOOK 5: A SEAL's Purpose

BOOK 6: A SEAL's Resolve

BOOK 7: A SEAL's Devotion

BOOK 8: A SEAL's Desire

BOOK 9: A SEAL's Struggle

BOOK 10: A SEAL's Triumph

October 10
One Acre Press
Jennifer Feddersen

Customer Reviews

MelissaNY666 ,

Book 5 - Kie US Navy Seal

I received this book as an ARC reader, but give my honest opinion.

US Navy Seal Kie, loves to cook, and as the cook, he has ideas. Cook with different heat sources, use ingredients grow from the land and know its his responsibility to cook enough for all.

Addison knows one thing, she loves her sister Manhattan Penthouse. Her sister being a supermodel, Addison likes to throw parties to mingle with people. Her sister has another ideas and makes her a Deal. Say YES to everything for one month and she can have the penthouse.

“Yes” she will apply for Base Camp it her favorite show, and Kie is one Hot Seal.

I highly recommend this book, the whole series. I love Cora Seton’s writing style. Enjoy!

meme book corner ,

Back at Chance Creek

Whew I can't get enough of this series and now it's navy seal Kai's turn. Kai was a surfer guy . He is the cook for all the inhabitants of the sustainable colony they are building. Kai has not been good in relationships and seems to always pick the wrong women. He leaves Boone in charge of finding him a woman.

Addison is tired of living in her model sisters shadow. She has a job she hates and she believe she wants a more exciting life or does she. She wants what her sister has especially her expensive luxurious penthouse. Her sister makes a deal with her. She says yes to everything a goes live with the colony and she will leave her lent house to her for a month for free.

Addison takes the bait and leaves for Cold Creek not knowing that her destiny may be there and not in New York like she originally thought. This was a quick read for me and I have read the rest of the books in the series so it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I give this one four stars and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series.


Meme Chanell Book Corner

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