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It is November. When Meg comes home from school, Charles Wallace tells her he saw dragons in the twin’s vegetable garden.  That night Meg, Calvin and C.W. go to the vegetable garden to meet the Teacher (Blajeny) who explains that what they are seeing isn’t a dragon at all, but a cherubim named Proginoskes.  It turns out that C.W. is ill and that  Blajeny and Proginoskes are there to make him well – by making him well, they will keep the balance of the universe in check and save it from the evil Echthros. 
Meg, Calvin and Mr. Jenkins (grade school principal) must travel inside C.W. to have this battle and save Charles’ life as well as the balance of the universe.

Young Adult
April 1
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Grades 5-9

Customer Reviews

Piechips ,


This is a great book that expresses a variety of ideas that are significant for working together with others in life. It has precise detail and paints the feeling of every character and situation inside and helps the reader relate to their own life with friends, family and adventure. A perfect book for a juvenile/pre-teen reader.

I'm watching everbody hates Chris ,

Very Good!

My friend and I read this book just finished yesterday I love this book better than the first one now I'm on the third book this is a very complicated book so you should be 11 or up I think because it talks about mitochondria and farandole and that's tricky! Great book!

shidoshinemesis ,

A Wind in the Door is brilliant

L'Engle at her best. Her ability to write for children as well as adults is unsurpassed. She injects enough spirituality and religious quotes to interest young minds but not enough to turn away those who aren't interested in such. At the time of writing her scientific knowledge was commendable with the usage of mitochondria and the unseen farandole. It got me interested in human biology when I was in middle school...and with the fact that these microscopic organisms were real and had been proven I'm the scientific community, it made the whole story that much more easy to believe. I say again, BRILLIANT.

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