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This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, FF, Bondage, Punishment, Domination and Submission, as well as the use of BDSM devices.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She pulled her coffee closer as she pushed away the plate of food. Sighing she could’t eat another bite. It looked like her appetite was bigger than her stomach. I always felt a little sneaky, being out alone at two o'clock in the morning, watching someone. But my Mistress expected no less from me.

I know that Mistress was waiting back at the rented mansion and the time would soon come for me to take the prize and return gloriously to her.

She finished her coffee, grabbed her check and went over to the cashier.
While she was standing there waiting to get her change, she noticed that a tall, red-haired woman who had been sitting by herself was getting up from her seat. She had seen her staring at her a few times while she was having her breakfast. But she quickly looked away. I must have looked like I was a denizen of the cities, but for many years I had stayed in places where it was safe to be out alone at night. I knew that I needed to be more cautious here though. But something about this woman and the way I had been watching her made must have made her nervous, but I couldn’t help myself. She was mesmerizing, not like any of the others I had been tasked with obtaining. She was dark with perfect olive skin. She was voluptuous in all the right places. But it was her eyes, they were a fiery green and she looked like the devil. Ever since my mistress saw her, she had to have her and what my mistress wants, she gets. The was a strip mall between the diner and the road that was decidedly desolate. This was where I would make my move.

Best to play it safe, I thought to myself, and quickly crossing the parking lot. I'll just see who can wait the longest.

I watched for her and there she was! I was still paranoid, even after many successful abductions for my mistress. Still, I waited a few more minutes before making my way for the target.

The street was calm and moonlit as I saw her cross, and the air was balmy. If I didn't get her now, all may be lost. Thinking about the consequences that my Mistress would inflict upon me if I returned unsuccessful, I decided simply to take a short cut.

The noise of the cars on the out road could be heard only dimly. I breathed deeply, my heart was filled with joy, knowing how pleased my Mistress would be with me when I returned with the prize.

Fiction & Literature
November 21
Boruma Publishing, LLC
Smashwords, Inc.

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