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Bestselling author and SHEEN Magazine Literary Excellence Award-winner Porscha Sterling makes her Dafina Books debut with an urban romance perfect for readers who enjoy the sexy suspense of Niobia Bryant's Mistress series and the urban edge of Ashley Antoinette... As a wealthy heiress, Sage McMillian is used to getting what she wants. And what she wants is to make Dom 'Ink' Richardson her man. The fact that he's married to another woman is just a small obstacle. 

As the privileged and pampered heir of the McMillian empire, Sage McMillian always had what her heart desired. One night of spontaneous fun lands her inside of Official Ink, a tattoo parlor owned by the sexy, savage, and former street king, Dom "Ink" Richardson. The moment she sees him, it's love at first sight. 

Yet, it's Ink's indifference to her beauty and charm that grabs Sage's attention. He's numb to her advances and uninterested in small talk. She later finds out he's a married man, which should be the ultimate deterrent, but Sage welcomes the challenge he poses. A genuine friendship is born, only adding fuel to the flame of her addiction to him. 

When Ink's wife is murdered, the scandal rips the headlines and lands him on the front page of newspapers nationwide, but Sage is there for him. With her family's powerful connections, she seems to be godsent as she selflessly fights for his freedom and proclaims his innocence. But there's a lot more to Sage's interest in Ink--and she may not be the loyal and devoted friend Ink knows her to be...

June 30
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

Ree 🥵🥥 ,

Loved it!

Not much of a reader anymore. I used to love it. In the midst of grocery shopping, my eyes landed on this book. It took me 3 days to finish it. It only took me that long because I didn’t want to finish it too fast. I was so sad when I got to the last two chapters. Part 2 PLEASE !! 😫😫

Kayyy.S ,


This was a book I enjoyed reading i read it in 3 days. It had such an unexpected ending. I wish it was a part 2 because I’m still wondering what she did to Indie. I would definitely read it again if I had to.

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