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As his laugh-out-loud secret diary extends into his later teens and young adulthood, everyone’s favorite angsty Brit remains “a brilliant comic creation” (The Times, London).
Continue to commiserate with “one of literature’s most endearing figures”—a sharp-witted, pining, and achingly honest underdog of great expectations and dwindling patience who knows all (or believes he does) and tells all (The Observer). Having endured the agony of adolescence (just), Adrian now careens into his later teens, torturous twenties, and utterly disappointing thirties in these three hilarious sequels by “one of Britain’s most celebrated comic writers” (The Guardian).
From the not-so-humble origins of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and ¾, Adrian’s chronicle of angst has sold more than twenty million copies worldwide, spawned seven sequels, been adapted for television, and staged as a musical—truly “a phenomenon” (The Washington Post).
The True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole: What’s happening to Adrian Mole? On the one hand, he’s entering the cusp of adulthood and burgeoning success as a published poet. On the other, he still lives at home, refuses to part with his threadbare stuffed rabbit, and has lost his job at the library for a shocking act of impudence: He shelved Jane Austen under Light Romance. Even worse, someone named Sue Townsend stole his diaries and published them under her own name. Of course they were bestsellers.
Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years: At 23¾ years old, Adrian is now technically an adult and almost prepared. On the upside: He’s fallen for a perfectly lovely Nigerian waitress; he’s seeing a therapist so as to talk about himself without interruption; and he’s added vowels to his experimental novel-in-progress (so much more accessible to the masses!). The downside? Pandora is probably history; a pea-brained rival has been published before him to great acclaim; and worse—Adrian has come to the devastating realization that he may not be uncommon after all.
Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years: At 34¾, impotent intellectual Adrian Mole is soon to be divorced; he hasn’t a clue what to do with his semi-stardom as a celebrity chef; his parents have become swingers (with whom is too shocking to go into now); his epic novel is still unpublished; his ex-flame Pandora is running for political office; and his younger sister has rebelled in the most distressingly common ways. There is one upside: Adrian’s son has inherited his mother’s unblemished skin.
“Townsend’s wit is razor sharp” (Daily Mirror) as she shows us the world through the older and (possibly?) wiser eyes of her “achingly funny anti-hero” (Daily Mail), proving again and again why she’s been called “a national treasure” (The New York Times Book Review).

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