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For I have seen this sword and fought beside one of the heroes of our age. He is a man who had the strength and courage to wield the Sword of Heroes. Cast down to earth from the ethereal den of the Norse gods came a weapon more powerful than all the rest. Coveted by vengeance, jealousy, and mischief, it remained hidden and protected throughout the ages. Only a chosen one of true valor would one day be able to wield it. Two boys from very different worlds are destined to be leaders. Through the sheer strength of his will, each proves to possess great skill and fiery ambition. But whereas one is propelled by honor, the other becomes fueled by a blackness of spirit. As the choices they make lead them further along opposite paths, both resolve to devote themselves to reaching their highest potential against all odds. With his heart of gold, Aerion aspires to lend a lifetime of service to Tyr, the god of battle. He closes his eyes and asks Tyr to hear him, requesting this deity’s blessing. And then he waits . . . Several moments pass, but suddenly, he sees it—the dark image of Tyr’s sword appears clear as day, bathed in a radiant, golden glow. Will Aerion be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a holy knight of the highest order? Can he succeed at defeating his dark rival and defending the most precious and mighty symbol of Tyr? The restoration of peace hangs delicately in the balance. Aerion and the Sword of Heroes is a tale of the epic adventure taken by Aerion and the loyal comrades he makes along his journey: elf priestess Treena, Marseilles the wizard, Stone the shadow elf, ogre Tuck, and noble warrior Magnus.

Fiction & Literature
October 28
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