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This book for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who want to market their products or services on the Internet. The book emphasize about what works on the web and doesn't work in practice. It will warn you what not to put on a web page using common sense facts. It does not focus on web design techniques, rather it shows potentials and usefulness of the site to business owners. The audience is first time website owners, to allow them to decide to do it themselves or hire a web designer. By using examples from everyday life, it explains the technical details in a way the average reader can relate to. By helping you examine the pros and cons of various design decision, this book will prepare you to create a website, and walk you through the steps involved in getting off the ground and on to the web.

Computers & Internet
June 15
Nur Publishing

Customer Reviews

Lauren1365 ,

Great book to start your own website

I found this book to be very useful. It has the basics of web design, presented in a clear and precise way, with examples and illustrations
that break everything down into easy to understand sections.
The examples are easy to understand and after reading the book I was able to apply what I learned
in web design.

All in all, I found the book to be very good introduction to web design.

JoanWeed ,

Affordable Web Design

Easy to use and loaded with information. I recommend it for small business owners!

Oldrob ,

Clear step by step guild for my business website

This short book is easy to read and helped me take each of the steps to create a web site for my small business. I liked the real life examples , not just the theory. I learned just the things I needed to get started without being over loaded with details.

I highly recommend this guide to anyone thinking of create a web site for their small business.

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