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Ales Bravincar Lighting Diagrams

Created and developed from a collection of actual assignments, this digital guide illustrates lighting situations used by Ales Bravnicar on a daily basis during the course of his work for national and international publications. Bravnicar’s images have been seen internationally in publications worldwide. The photographer is a master of light and shadow. His photos are an intricate blend of fashion and glamour.


Learn from the Best

Bravnicar’s digital reference book contains 15 different lighting situation diagrams. Each scenario includes camera settings (f/stop, ISO, shutter speed, etc.), equipment and lighting used, set-up descriptions, and full-page diagrams depicting light placement, distances and setting values. Explore the techniques and lighting this guide offers and become a master of lighting by learning from the very best.


3 Proficiency Levels

You will learn three different levels of lighting: basic, intermediate and advanced set situations. Start learning at the basic or intermediate level and take your photography to the advanced level as your skills grow.


Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Learn how to light glamour, fashion and headshots using detailed instructions. Create basic two-light setups or advanced multiple-light situations for a master photoset. Today’s clients demand smart photographers who can deliver in any lighting situation imaginable.


Bravnicar’s mission is to share his many years of knowledge and wisdom by offering his best-kept secrets of studio lighting. As you study his lighting diagram book, use it wisely to create your own version of his images, and then explore experiment with your own projects in order to further your photography skills. Succeed in turning your goals into a profitable reality, or simply enjoy the satisfaction and knowledge of a job well done.

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