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Ales Bravnicar Individual Digital Lighting Diagrams

The studio secrets of international glamour and fashion photographer Ales Bravnicar are now available to you in a digital format. You can now purchase his individual lighting scenarios from Shoot The Centerfold's digital series of Lighting Diagram Books. STC has made obtaining your lighting diagrams as easy and wallet-friendly as possible. Let’s say you like a specific scene, but don't want to purchase the entire book. Simply select a scenario of your choice based on your educational needs, requirements or interests.


NOTE: Some lighting scenarios are more complex than others - choose wisely based on what you see, your level of proficiency, and the projects you feel will advance your photography accordingly. Lighting scenarios vary from natural light shooting techniques, one-light set-ups and advanced multi-lighting studio situations.


Single-lighting scene book include:

• One lighting scenario in glamour, fashion, boudoir, beauty or fine art

• Understanding exposure, color temperature & depth of field

• Ales's personal camera Settings

• Free editable model release for your usage

• Test your photo knowledge: "60 Q&A"

• How to use CTO and ND gels with image galley demonstration


3 Proficiency Levels

Learn basic, intermediate, and advanced set lighting. Start with basic or intermediate level and test yourself with advanced lighting set-ups.


Take your photography to the next level

Create basic one-light setup or advanced lighting situations for a master photoset. Most important, learn how to balance daylight or strobes. See detailed descriptions of each setting, focal length, color temperature, gels, distance and lens used to create breathtaking images.

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January 14
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