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Seven years is supposed to change the way you feel. 

Sophie’s not supposed to still dream about the way Liam touched her or the way they moved together. When she heads back to Naugatuck Island, she assumes Liam doesn’t even live there any more. Whatever he once felt, it has to have grown cold by now. 

But Liam’s a firefighter. He knows better than anyone, never underestimate the power of a blaze. Those embers may appear cold, but nothing is ever as it seems. 

Those embers? They're just waiting to burst into flames.

March 6
Callie Harper Books
Callie Harper

Customer Reviews

Christine Miller28 ,

Smokin hot second chance love story!

What a blistering hot second chance romance story! Holy smokes! The heat between Liam and Sophie was smoking! When Sophie left Liam 7 years ago to pursue her ballet dreams, she never thought that she'd find him right where she left him all those years ago. Sophie and Liam both suffer from the same thing. Their other half was missing. It didn't take them long for their chemistry to combust. Liam has some dark tendencies and he fights with bringing Sophie into his world. But in the end, they have no choice because they don't want to be without the other person.

This was an intense love story. I loved Liam in In Deep when I met him in Chase's book. I was happy to find Sophie as his match. Liam's character really struggles with who he is and what he craves. Sophie is the rich girl who never really fit into that lifestyle. She doesn't want a guy to take care of her, she wants to stand on her own two feet. Watching these two find each other again was intoxicating. I loved watching Liam give Sophie what she never knew she needed. This is a hot story and I loved it!

Tersia99 ,

All of Me

As always, Callie delivered.

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