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Oklahoma-based bounty hunter Delorean Harper has few responsibilities and no one to answer to, which is just the way he likes it. That changes in an instant when Delorean’s brother Bricklin is nearly killed in an accident at a quarry outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Delorean rushes to Bricklin’s side, but he’s too late. His world is shattered when Bricklin dies from his injuries, a mechanic is murdered in Delorean’s car, and an autopsy shows that Bricklin’s accident was no accident at all.

Delorean begins investigating his brother’s death and soon becomes involved with Michelle, a beautiful woman with money trouble who was Bricklin’s lover until shortly before his death. Delorean crosses paths with the police too many times as he and Michelle try to identify the killer, and soon the police tell him to stop interfering in police business or face hard time in jail. One sympathetic police officer, Sandy, is willing to help Delorean with his investigation in secret, but only if the investigation leads where she wants it to go. Delorean won’t back down even when it becomes clear that he and Michelle have become the next targets of a killer who’ll do anything to cover his tracks.

In desperation, Delorean sets a trap for the killer in the desert and waits for a showdown. But he’s never gone up against anyone so cunning and violent before and soon Delorean is the one who’s in the trap. Can Delorean outwit a cold-blooded killer and solve the mystery of his brother’s death – or will he die trying?

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 25
David Kearns
Smashwords, Inc.

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