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The second in the Delorean Harper series. Delorean Harper has a gym bag full of cash, a new identity, a cabin on the Oregon coast, and a beautiful girlfriend. He also has a small army of assassins on his trail. What his hunters don’t know is that Delorean had his first encounter with a killer when he was twelve years old, and he hasn't forgotten how to take care of himself in a fight to the death.

Rejected by the government witness security program for being dangerous and unstable, Delorean is on his own against an El Paso drug cartel who wants to punish him for testifying against one of their top lieutenants. Delorean gets assistance from a sympathetic federal marshal, Eric Fullmeyer, who offers Delorean a new identity and place to live if he'll agree to leave town without starting a shooting war with the cartel. After a heated confrontation in an El Paso bar with a pair of cartel killers, Delorean agrees to Eric Fullmeyer's offer, and Delorean escapes to a remote Oregon beach town to shake the cartel from his trail.

He isn't there long before he's asked by Eric Fullmeyer to protect Bonnie, a beautiful woman who has her own problems with the cartel. Keeping her safe isn't easy - the cartel's relentless hunters know Delorean's moves so well that he suspects that the federal marshals are leaking information about his location. As professional killers track Delorean and Bonnie through snowy forests, in small towns, and on isolated beaches, Delorean is forced to become as ruthless as the cartel assassins just to stay alive. This isn't the first time he's had to defend himself against hired killers, though, and he knows how to fight dirty to keep himself and his girlfriend alive.

Eventually Delorean's luck runs out when he's ambushed on a secluded beach and Bonnie is kidnapped by the cartel. She's taken back to El Paso and held for ransom. The price of her freedom: Delorean's life. If he wants her back, Delorean's going to have to go to war with the cartel on their home turf of El Paso. Delorean likes his odds. He knows that the most dangerous creation of society is the man who has nothing left to lose.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 18
David Kearns
Smashwords, Inc.

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