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Fall in love with the Alpha Douchebags of Grifton Falls University! A new adult, contemporary romance series with all the angst, passion and dirty, foul-mouthed boys who know how to handle girls with curves. These college boys think it’s all fun and games... until they meet the one.

Alpha Douchebag: The Prince, is part of a DUET!!!!

The Alpha Douchebags have two rules. No girlfriends. No kissing on the mouth.

All his life, Gabriel Saint has had everything he’s ever wanted. The house. The truck. The girls. His college rugby team is a shoe-in for state championship. His senior year is supposed to be his best yet. All the girls want him. All the guys want to be him.

Until freshman Willow Mason shows up and throws his world off its axis. And suddenly, everything he wants, doesn’t matter anymore. All he wants is her. All he sees, is her. He won’t let anything stand in his way.

When Willow gets a scholarship to one of the top ten universities in the nation, she knew she couldn’t give the opportunity away. But when she arrives on campus, she’s hated on sight. The little college town doesn’t like outsiders. She doesn’t let the privileged, rich, elitists get the best of her.

When she locks stares with the most powerful and popular guy on campus, she tries to resist, but not for long. Soon they’re spending every waking minute together. He can’t get enough of her sweet, tempting body and she falls deeper in love with a guy who may never love her back.

July 21
S.N. Garza
Smashwords, Inc.

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jmccarthy101118 ,


So I never pre order books but what can I say you got me hooked... there is a lot of sex and it does push the boundaries so if that makes you uncomfortable think twice but otherwise amazing plot I didn’t see it coming the whole thing. Absolutely fantastic! I hate 200 page books and this is definitely not! And the slang is phenomenal. I’ve never heard some of them but I think that made the book more interesting!!

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