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A Paranormal Shifter Romance Story

Can Sarina and Amanda finally destroy Lilith once and for all? Or will Lilith take over Sarina's life for good by inhabiting her body?

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

Lilith has haunted the Traverse family since the beginning but her obsession with the reigning alpha and his immediate family is more than Romeo’s eldest daughter can stand. Sarina Traverse has spent nearly four years of her life trying to plan a wedding to her mate, Brody Duscene, but time and time again, Lilith has managed to ruin things. 

In a twisted allegiance with her first mate, Fenris, Lilith has caused unbearable pain to the Delta pack’s community and now she has gone as far as to make a deal with the Devil... one she can’t possibly keep. Sarina is determined to make sure of it.

As for Lilith, she has comfortably inhabited Sarina’s body, playing wife to Brody and mother to the couple’s twin boys, Brody Jr. and Jedidiah. Digging her way up from Hell wasn’t easy, but Sarina harnesses powers that rival even those of her mother. 

Can these two powerful women finally destroy Lilith once and for all? Will Sarina ever have the chance to marry her one love, or will Brody decide that Lilith is much more suited to him? The future of the Delta pack and the Traverse line hang in the balance as good and evil wage a war both seen and unseen in this climactic finish to the "Romeo Alpha Blood Lines Romance" series.

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Mysteries & Thrillers
March 20
Revelry Publishing
Revelry Publishing

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