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A Paranormal Shifter Romance Story

This new series follows twenty-four years after the Romeo Alpha Series.

When the memory of Brody is erased from Sarina's mind, he has to win her love all over again.

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

Twenty-four years have passed in relative peace for Amanda and Romeo. They’ve raised five children into adulthood and are thoroughly enjoying their lives as the Alpha King and Queen of the werewolves.

At twenty-four, Sarina is just stepping into her powers and will be ripe for mating when her birthday comes in two weeks. Her brothers are fiercely protective and Sarina doesn’t have an issue with reminding them that she can take care of herself. What no one knows is the danger that lurks just outside their tight knit community. With Dean and Lilith dead, Romeo made peace with the other clans and has enjoyed that peace, but it will all come crashing down around him when his oldest daughter comes of age to take a mate. 

Fenris, his ages old ancestor, might have been infected by Lilith to create the werewolves, but that didn’t stop him from spreading his seed far and wide. During his time, he took multiple lovers and has clans that don’t bow to Romeo as their Alpha. 

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January 31
Revelry Publishing
Revelry Publishing

Customer Reviews

krapp90 ,


So, they fall in love the day after they meet and breed, mate...even tho she’s never done that before and is so nervous about it but she just gives it up without any trepidation when it happens? Also, when she loses her memory of Brody, I expected a really well thought out plan for her to recognize him again and even tho I didn’t like the story I was curious as to the emotion that would be involved in her remembering him but there was nothing. She just smiled and him and said she remembered him? Come on..I think the story could have been sooo much better and I feel like everything was so rushed and there was never any detail written in some of the bigger moments of the story. It was just suggested that things happen. I would not recommend this to anyone, I’m sorry but it was not a good read for me at all. I gave two stars because of effort.

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