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Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2004 Best Reference Book!

Have you ever wondered how dog show judges learn to identify the subtle differences that separate a dog that is merely good from a dog that is outstanding? Now you can develop your own eye for sound movement and structure and learn how color, marking, size, and even leash position affect the judge’s perception. You get to actively participate in over 100 judging scenarios similar to what a judge encounters in the show ring and compare your opinion with the author’s.

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"This book is based on Bob’s more than 20 years of writing and publishing articles for the dog fancy. He integrated his skills as a dog illustrator with his talent for taking a technical subject of evaluating and judging dogs into written form that could be understood by the broad spectrum that comprises the dog fancy. Bob’s work was, and is controversial. He was always learning. He welcomed honest disagreement - as long as the person could provide reasons for their opinion. This theme carries through in this book. As Bob states in his foreword, "As the author, I will contribute an opinion as to the order of merit of each class, but in the end the final decision is that of the reader. Go ahead! Disagree with me, challenge me, and above all enjoy yourself!" The attitude of a lifelong student and teacher of purebred dogs, that I was privileged to know as a friend. Our discussions were always two way learning experiences. Everyone involved in purebred dogs should buy this book. You can start reading anywhere or start from the beginning and read to the end - you will be challenged and you will learn - whether you want to be or not. The book consists of 29 Chapters divided into four parts Sections. Part I, Type, Balance and Proportions; Part II, Features; Part III, Movement; and Part IV, Faults and Illusions." E. M. Gilbert Jr.

"If one were to believe the average dogbook review, every-and anything that is printed between two covers is wonderful and should be added to everyone in the fancy’s library. Not so! There are positives and negatives in just about any dog book written (who knows better than I?) and what is valuable in a book is lost if the reader is not discerning.
What I like about the late Robert W. Cole’s new book is that it inspires the reader to think and compare. Having what’s right and what’s wrong in a breed put down in crystal clear images allows the reader to make those critical comparisons that pave the way for understanding and improvement.

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