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Can a scandalized heiress…

Beatrice Goodwin left Manhattan a duchess and has returned a divorcée, ready to seize control of her fate and the family business. Goodwin’s Department Store, once the pinnacle of fashion, has fallen from favor thanks to Dalton’s, its glamorous competitor across the street. But this rivalry has a distinctly personal edge…

And a self-made tycoon…

For Wes Dalton, Beatrice has always been the one—the one who broke his young heart by marrying a duke, and now, the one whose cherished store he plans to buy, just so he can destroy it. It’s the perfect revenge against a family who believed he’d never be good enough for their daughter—until Beatrice’s return complicates everything…

Find happily ever after at last?

While Goodwin’s and Dalton’s duel to be the finest store in Gilded Age Manhattan, Beatrice and Wes succumb to a desire that has only deepened with time. Adversaries by day, lovers by night, both will soon have to decide which is sweeter: winning the battle or thoroughly losing their hearts…

March 31

Customer Reviews

Rt2025 ,

A heiress to remember

Beatrice is fighting to get back the life she lost and the feeling of worthiness. Dalton has been feeling betrayed for years and is trying to become rich and have prestige. All this takes place back when department stores were becoming the place to go. There is humor and romance in this story. But what gets to you is the history and all the women sticking together to make a better work place for women.

wxangel ,

Women’s history meets big business, and romance!

As a woman who has been in a “man’s field” for the last three decades, I must say that it is wonderful to read the other side of romance novels. The women portrayed are not your normal strong heroine types, they are more! They speak to me in a way no society miss ever could. They speak to hopes and dreams outside of the home, outside of the normal things we were expected to do as women. I adore reading about these women who are so much a part of our American history, the roles they played in making their own history. Each Author’s note makes me want to go research the real life women.
Thank you for this series, which should be called out every women’s history month as well!

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