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Long ago, young Viscount Bradley’s prudish family forbade him to marry his beloved. Now, the aging lord has plotted a subtle revenge. His three nephews can split his fortune, but only if each marries a fallen woman. Two have found brides who meet the terms . . . and all depends on the youngest, Peregrine Sullivan. New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather’s Georgian trilogy concludes with a sexy tale sure to delight.

Only desperation would drive a lady to disguise herself in hopes of employment, but the twenty thousand pounds that their father promised beautiful Alexandra Douglas and her invalid younger sister has vanished into the hands of the greedy cousin who inherited the estate. Alexandra, in search of justice, embarks on an elaborate charade to infiltrate Combe Abbey, her ancestral home, and secretly take the money back.

Peregrine, visiting the Abbey, is intrigued by a woman whose mind matches his on every level. Who is this middle-aged spinster with a young woman’s eyes and a youthful step that even a limp cannot disguise? Sensing some scandalous secret, Perry assumes the lady would delight in being rescued. But his efforts are rebuffed; Alexandra will take care of herself and her sister, thank you very much. Can Perry court the daring and independent young woman, win her heart, and be the last brother to wed?

July 24
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Unka Charles ,

Book 3 of the Blackwater Brides

This is Perry's story, the last Blackwater brother who must find a fallen woman to marry so that he and his two brothers could inherit their sickly uncle's much needed wealth after his death.

Perry is a scholar who falls in love with Alexandra, a plain, misshapen librarian in disguise. Although she tries to hide her secrets from him throughout much of the book, he discovers them by spying on her. Even after he eventually confesses his love for her, Alex stubbornly refuses to admit her growing affection for him and is determined to continue embezzling funds from her cousin, which she feels belong to her and her sister.

Their love scenes are steamy, but few.

With only a few pages left to read, I wondered how the story would end with so much left unsaid. (Like, what ever happened to Alex's mother who briefly appeared). When I got to the last page, I was disappointed. It ended with no dialogue from the main characters. They don't even appear in the Epilogue.

Of the trilogy, I enjoyed Jasper's most (Rushed to the Altar). Neither Sebastian's nor Perry's stories are as good. Although I've read most of Jane Feather's books, these were least enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful, intelligent writer. I just don't think "An Unsuitable Bride" is one of her best.

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