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The old Sunnyside College gym, nicknamed the Ark, has a paranormal portal that gives a chosen few a glimpse of Doomsday, which is near and unavoidable, unless these few can convince mankind a change in its approach to life is needed.
Ben, Cal, and John clear what they thought was a major hurdle, only to find it’s a step into a vast abyss making all they’ve overcome to reach this level seem like child’s play. Not only are their tasks more difficult, the relentless Evil still in their way is even more determined to thwart them.
Mary, Phyllis, and Genna are finally privy to their husbands’ quest. Mysteriously, they’ve been made to feel like long lost sisters, forming a sextet from a trio. Their trips into the abyss are filled with intriguing instructions and riddles from their ‘Mentors’, while they discover ‘holes’ in their reality above ground.
The Ark’s appearance is acting strangely, for all around to see. This event is what the sextet are hoping will allow them to spread the message they’ve been asked to deliver. Inexplicably, it has no impact on humanity. This happens again, and again. Their deep faith in the redemptive message keeps them trying, with near fatal consequences.
They discover the Nemacole secret to a life near perfect. How to get other basically good people to see it that way is the message they’re to deliver, but it may be too late. The world isn’t listening, and the monstrous Evil force that speaks, but is unseen, is battering them toward defeat, and Doomsday.
Despite the hopelessness, their ‘Mentors’ never abandon them, as long as they never give up. The six are shown a final vision of what could be, with two endings. The hopeful one requires an upheaval to the current way of the world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 7
John Heldon
Smashwords, Inc.

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