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“Field of Dreams Meets Stargate”
Introducing Book V of the Ark Fantasy Saga as the mysteries of the Middle Trilogy dare us to consider the truth.

An impervious portal appears suddenly in the basement floor of the Ark, nickname for the old gym at Sunnyside College in Delaware. It’s the first event in a series foretelling the approach of doomsday, unless a way to enter it can be found.

John realizes that there are some big holes in his memory of recent events. He knows something happened to him a few days before, but is not sure if he was dreaming, or awake. Unfamiliar images haunt both his sleep and his waking hours. These are puzzle pieces he must align to reveal what actually happened. He’s trying to figure this out for himself, and not alarm his quirky wife, Genna, who already suspects he’s not well.

As he’s doing this, other clues as to what happened, and those suggesting another dimension to the Ark, are presented to him in real time. John brings his friend, Calvin, to see if Cal shares the same experiences. He doesn’t. John realizes their realities are different, but why?

Almost magnetically, John is drawn into a search for a Native American tribe, the Nemacole, who mysteriously disappeared just before the European explorers arrived. He will also collide with the burly security guard at the Ark, Ben. After a shaky start, it turns out they have something in common. John, Cal, and Ben’s different backgrounds, personalities, and strengths will mesh together for the common quest their lives were destined to pursue.

The unlikely trio plunge from reality to fantasy as paranormal events roller coaster quickly before them, all occurring within the Ark. John concludes that the portal is a doorway to a different level of existence which holds the Nemacole secrets of how to prevent Doomsday. His desire to travel through the portal intensifies, yet his frustration grows as he loses hope that a method can be found to open the portal. Friendly ghosts ally with them, while evil supernatural forces are hell bent on keeping them out.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 8
John Heldon
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