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Today's dynamic and uncertain environment has contributed to the changing nature of markets. In order for companies to keep up, they will need to embark on new wave marketing to ride the wave of opportunities provided by the changes in the environment, such as the digital revolution.

This is critical all over the world, but none more so than in Asia. Asia is not only the world's biggest market, but also the fastest growing. It is therefore essential for marketers to understand the dynamics of Asian companies and what they have to offer to the wider world. This book analyzes competitive companies from 18 Asian countries that have successfully practiced new wave marketing and in so doing, provide invaluable lessons that others may find useful. Comprehensive case studies are used not only to describe how some of Asia's best companies compete, but also to analyze the concepts of new wave marketing their actions are based on. This book is unique in its depth and breadth of cases, from companies in the ASEAN region to North-east Asia, including Mongolia and SAARC.

The authors of this book, Professor Philip Kotler, arguably the Father of Modern Marketing, Hermawan Kartajaya from Indonesia, and Hooi Den Huan from Singapore, are all experts in their field and have previously produced other bestsellers. This book, with its focus on real life examples of competitive Asian companies in the age of digitalization, complements the principles and theoretical frameworks of new wave marketing that are detailed in its sister book, Marketing for Competitiveness. Together, these books provide a comprehensive picture of the changing Asian marketing landscape.
Contents:Marketing is Transforming?:Product-Centric Perspective: Connectivity in Product DevelopmentCustomer-Centric Perspective: Connecting with Digital ConsumersHuman-Centric Perspective: Doing Good by Doing Well in the Connected WorldMarketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to DigitalMarketing is Creating?:Marketing Strategies for Value ExplorationMarketing Tactics for Value EngagementMarketing Values for Excellent ExecutionGlorecalization Mindset:Asia's Local ChampionsAsia's Regional Players: Asia Vision, Local ActionAsia's Multinational Companies: Global Value, Regional Strategy, Local Tactic
Readership: Marketing practitioners, business professionals, students and academics studying marketing, and general public interested in marketing.Asian Competitors;Asian Consumers;Asia;Digital Consumers;Digitization;Digitalization;New Wave Marketing;Marketing;Fourth Industrian Revolution;Changing Environment;Changing Landscape0Key Features:This case book is unique in that it not only describes how some of Asia's best companies compete, but also analyses how they do so, based on concepts drawn from new wave marketingThe depth and breadth of the cases is useful for readers to have a good understanding of competitive Asian companies from not only ASEAN but also from North-east Asia, including Mongolia and SAARC

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March 15
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