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After a global chemical war most of humanity has perished. Those who remain exist in isolated communities, not knowing if any other such communities survive. But the situation is getting worse: in one community its leaders know that if they don't leave they'll all be dead in a few years.

There is a planet eleven light years away that might support life. If they can build a ship to get there, and if it is sufficiently Earth-like, and if there isn't a hostile civilisation living there already, they might just have a chance of a future.

The decision is made to go. But the consequences of that decision are so much more dramatic than any of the travellers could ever have dreamt.

This is the first novel in the author's 'First Contact' science fiction series. All are very different but have that common theme; man's first contact with alien life.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 26
Les Broad
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Valbug77 ,

Cool possibilities

Really good story, the characters are well written and the story line is very creative. Story speaks to a lot of societal issues we now have. Could see the story going In a lot of different directions, would enjoy those stories. A series possibly?....

Valarye1959 ,

Good book

I wish that he would have continued the story with the children and grandchildren of the main characters..I would love to see this made into a possible movie, maybe by the Syfi channel..thoughts?

Kit "Pirate" Fisto ,

Horribly Boring

The only way this book could be considered good is if you need help w/ chronic insomnia. There is nothing interesting about this story. Everything goes right every time. There are only two crisis in the whole story. There is the neverending concern of any given character offending another and a group of bigots. But because there is no real crisis in this book, it turns out no one is ever actually offended & a 5 minute conversation brings the head bigot around. If I could, I wouldn't give this story even a single star.

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