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Dive into an underwater world of dark secrets, ancient magic, and love that will risk it all...

Running away from home was never Chloe Kowalski's plan. Neither was ending up the target of killers, or having her body change in unusual ways. She only wanted a vacation, someplace far from her crazy parents and their irrational fear of water. She only wanted to do something normal for once, and maybe get to know her best friend's hot stepbrother a bit better at the same time.

But the first day she goes out on the ocean, strange things start to happen. Dangerous things that should be impossible. Things to which 'normal' doesn't even begin to apply.

Now madmen are hunting her. A mysterious guy with glowing blue eyes is following her. And her best friend's stepbrother seems to be hiding secrets all his own.

It was supposed to be a vacation. It's turning out to be a whole lot more.

Book One of the Awakened Fate Series

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Awakened Fate Series is a young adult fantasy series with books that are meant to be read in the order of the series. The Awakened Fate Series features thrilling cliffhanger endings, deeply intertwined narratives, and game-changing discoveries in each installment. If you love great romance, action, and adventure, this is the story for you!

The Awakened Fate Series

#1 - Awaken
#2 - Descend
#3 - Return
#3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella
#4 - Arise
#5 - Become
#6 - Rebirth
#7 - Memory

Young Adult
June 1
Wildflower Isle
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

CMK. ,

The Series

I read the entire series in about a week and honestly do like the books. I hadn't run into a young adult mermaid story/series before and the underwater city was very interesting. In all honesty, I struggled with two thing though: There seemed to be a great deal of coincidence in some of the dangerous encounters throughout the series (e.g. that particular cabin? getting help at this or that exact moment?). I kept wondering if there was something I was missing about how some of these encounters were possible. The other thing was the consistent use of the word "twitch". It seemed to be abused given the context of the sentences. It really distracted me whenever it was used. Again. I did like these books overall.

John Frosted ,

Crazy as a plot gimmick

What’s behind the social norm these days of insanity and the fear that one will be injected with drugs, have pieces of brain removed, and locked in a padded room for even discussing or thinking about the crazy? It’s a overused plot point, but worse, it spread untrust and control to anyone who doesn’t conform to another’s beliefs.

One reads or hears enough stories with this plot element, and can’t help but believe it can happen to them, or that that it’s ok to do it unto others.

I don’t believe in censorship, but continuing to expound the story line of negativity and the fear of not conforming to “standard” beliefs is simply wrong.

Notice that rarely does any author have enough guts to actually have a character fight the label of being crazy. They use the slightest hint of non conformity of thought, as an unbreakable law like gravity, to force the plot into a well known predictable and safe direction.

This lazy author, and other of the like should, find another conflict to make the story flow, or if they really have the chops, tackle the widespread social and political stigma of the simply thinking crazy..

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