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From USA Today Bestselling Author S. E. LUND comes BAD BOY SAINT, the first part of a new novella series featuring a bad boy to die for and a heroine who can't resist him, no matter what.


There were whispers about Hunter's family. In the school halls, in the playground. In my own house. "He's Irish," my grandmother said when she saw him the first time. "Stay away from that one. The Saints are trouble, the lot of them. I heard they have pirate blood in them, no doubt about it."

My stepfather said the elder Saint brothers were dirty, corrupt, mixed up with organized crime, and their sons weren't far behind them, destined to be just as criminal as their father.

I didn't care. At nine, I was intrigued by the drama and had no idea what ‘organized crime’ meant. Besides, Hunter was what my nine-year-old self considered a total hunk.

He was everything an adolescent girl could desire: buff from years of training at his father's club, Saint Brothers Gym and Boxing Emporium, with longish dark hair that flopped in his eyes, pale skin, and blue, blue eyes.

I'd been in love with him my entire life. He was my first love and the one I could never forget. Then Fate intervened and we became enemies.

Now, I must go to Hunter on my hands and knees to beg him to save my brother's life.

I'll pay any price to save him. I'll do anything Hunter wants.


BAD BOY SAINT is part one of S. E. Lund's sexy new novella series, featuring a bad boy with a heart of gold and a heroine who can't get him out of her life or her heart. When Fate forces them back together again, can they deny what has long simmered between them?

February 24
S. E. Lund
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

AvaNorton0802 ,

Overall potential, just needs a better editor

I’ve read all 4 books, the story line was very intriguing to me so I said why not, but there are a lot of errors. Spelling and grammar errors throughout and I am still confused as to what Celia’s real last name is. Is it Franklin or Parker? I would recommend having someone go through your books and edit them a bit more before publishing the. Besides those details I thought the books had a lot of potential with the whole mafia thing going. I really like how in between different parts of the story it would cut back to different times to give a pretense then later bring it back into the story.

MrsDaysOut ,

Just an introduction to the series...

This is literally just a short story to set the scene for book #2 (which should’ve been book #1).

I💜romance ,

Good story - bad editing

I’m enjoying the story line, however the editing mishaps are just too many to ignore. I’m not even referring to grammar errors; on multiple occasions the character’s names were mixed up, it made reading it very confusing.

If you need someone to read thru your books before they get posted/published, I would be happy to do that for you.

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