Baumgartner Hot Shorts Baumgartner Hot Shorts
Book 11 - The Baumgartners

Baumgartner Hot Shorts

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Get four of the “Baumgartner Shorts” in one volume! Meet the Baumgartners, A Baumgartner Christmas, The Dirty Show, and A Baumgartner Valentine.



Steve “Doc” Baumgartner--alone, face flushed with pleasure.

Carrie spies him indulging in a sexy, private moment. Though she’s sworn to herself she's through with guys, and her roommate-turned-lover Maureen is more than enough to satisfy her, Carrie can't stop fantasizing about Doc.

Then Carrie gets her chance. A summer getaway to Key West, the threat of Maureen’s zealot boyfriend, and Doc’s hunger for pleasure prove to be the perfect cocktail to lower Carrie’s inhibitions.

Smell the ocean air, pour yourself a drink, prepare for a summer to remember. It’s time to Meet the Baumgartners!



In spite of a brief experimentation early in their relationship, Doc and Carrie Baumgartner have since maintained a monogamous marriage without too much difficulty or even temptation--until now.

A move far from home, coupled with new friends and long hours away from each other, have left the young Baumgartner couple on shaky ground.

Doc believes bringing in someone "new," like they did early in their relationship, might add just the spice their marriage needs, but Carrie isn't so sure about that plan.

Doc has a surprise Christmas present for his wife anyway--but in an ironic twist, he discovers she has one for him, too.

Each gift allows the Baumgartners to rediscover, in the true spirit of Christmas, an expansive love that includes not only their feelings for one another, but the ability to share their passion.



Janie and Josh have been married ten years, and while life is good, they both have a longing for something “more” on occasion.

The two think they’ve found a good compromise between honoring their desires and still maintaining their loving commitment.

Once a year, on their anniversary, they embark on something so sexually adventurous, it gives a whole new meaning to the word “monogamy!”



Henry and Libby have a Valentine's Day tradition. Every year, this young, college aged couple share and explore a special fantasy with one another. 

This time, though, Libby has discovered something shocking about the Baumgartners, leading her to speculate wildly about Henry's real feelings. 

What she uncovers will lead them both to explore their wildest dreams and their true heart's desires!

Fiction & Literature
April 9
Excessica Publishing
Excessica LLC

Customer Reviews

Tdill90 ,

Steamy, Steamy, Steamy

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Baumgartner Hot Shorts by Selena Kitt
4 stars

Whenever I'm looking for an extremely steamy, or smoking hot, story, Selena Kitt's books do not disappoint!
Every single story had a different appeal, and had characters that had an interesting thought process.
I liked that all the Baumgartner stories tied the characters together and created a timeline that spanned decades. I liked that dialogue was created to deal with the emotions and thought processes with each sexual scenario, and it followed a more healthy pattern of communication.

mj_toth ,

Fabulously sexy and erotic series

Meet the Baumgartners: Selena Kitt is a master at erotic fiction. She delivers all the amazing sex scenes from carnal to sensual while at the same time getting me connected to the characters and wanting to find out if a romance will survive. Carrie is a very sexual woman but everyone on campus sees her as the Ice Princess. She decides to prove them wrong and Doc "Steve Baumgartner" gets pulled into her vortex. I believe Carrie and Doc could melt an ice berg! Love meeting the Baumgartner's, excited to see where they will take us.

A Baumgartner Christmas: Carrie and Doc definitely know how to keep the heat in their relationship but as residency demands pull Doc away more frequently, Carrie starts to feel like she isn't enough. They haven't invited a third person into their relationship since college and Carrie starts to get an itch but feels guilty. Doc however knows that Carrie needs this to feed her inner sex kitten. When they both plan surprise Christmas gifts, well, let's just say great minds think alike which doubles their fun!

The Dirty Show: Very cleverly presented is Janie's sexual fantasy that Josh, her husband, is only too happy to fulfill. I don't want to give away the fantasy because it's too much fun to experience on your own. I know I was presently surprised, a bit shocked and totally turned on by their sexual fun.

A Baumgartner Valentine: Henry takes his girlfriend, Libby, to visit his parents. Libby learns the true nature of Carrie and Doc's relationship and is shocked, overwhelmed and dismayed that Henry never told her the truth. She begins to doubt that she is enough for Henry since he grew up in an environment of a polyamorous relationship. Does Henry want to introduce another person into their sexual relations? As Valentine's approaches, what gifts will really be exchanged?

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