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Jim Holt is a very good computer programmer. He doesn't get along with people too well and he winds up doing some painful free dental work on his boss, in self defense. As a result of the unlicensed dental work, he gets fired. He's then unable to find another defense programming job.
As a result, Jim Holt is lucky to find work as a database programmer at a very strange operation located in the beach community where he lives.
Jim Holt appears to be an average sized individual. (Actually five feet ten and one half inches and a smidge over 190 pounds) He plays Kung-Fu and works out day by day. He's also inhumanly strong for a man his size and he can use the strength, because of his workouts and his Kung-Fu techniques. His physical skills become very important during the course of the story.
Jim Holt is also a speculator in the stock market.
Jim is working at his new database programming job when he begins to discover several very strange things. First, many of the secretarial personnel at the company where he works want out of the company and out of San Diego and they're willing to work in porn films to get the money to move on. Second, someone is killing people on the San Diego beaches. Third, the police suspect that Jim Holt may be the one killing the people on the San Diego beaches. Fourth, the people running the company for which he works are almost certainly criminals, probably insane and maybe killers.
Since the company where he works is being mismanaged, Jim begins to short sell short, on the quiet, the stock of the company where he works. While the company is going under, Jim is making a lot of money.
Jim then has to use his systems analyst mind to sort through a lot of data, to find the real beach killer, prove to the police that he's not the beach killer and help the ladies at work escape.
Mental ability isn't enough, Jim also has to use his physical skills, especially when a hired killer is sicced on him.
The story takes place in a beach community in San Diego and the reader gets to see the social interaction of such a place.
The action is fast paced, with a lot of clever reasoning.

Fiction & Literature
February 27
R. Richard
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