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Bearly Mated

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Christine Moore loves the outdoors and fishing, and jumps at any opportunity to spend time in the Alaskan wilderness, so when Zackary Brown and his twin brothers, Ronald and Donald, invited Christine to go fishing with them, she eagerly accepted, as she had many times before. After, spending the day fishing with the Brown brothers, deep in the woods, things took a frightening turn. They were planning to torture her before eventually killing her. They told her to run, and she did, as fast as she could, knowing they wanted to hunt her down in a sick game of cat and mouse. Christine ran through the darkened forest until she spotted a cave's entrance. She hurried inside, thankful for a place to rest, and passed out from exhaustion. Early the next morning, the Brown brothers found her and began attacking her. Christine fought back, stabbing Zack Brown with her fishing knife, causing the furious brothers to shift into huge brown bears. They were going to punish her. At that moment, there was a loud gunshot, scaring the bears and the bullet grazed Christine's arm. She ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction from the bears. Christine ran for hours and did not stop until she heard a man yell out to her.
Ethan Hunt, a lonely Kodiak bear shifter, was living in a cabin in the middle of the woods, miles away from town. It was the first day of open season, so he was not planning on going too far from his home, until he picked up the scent of an injured female human. He went to find her and as he got closer, he realized she was his mate and he knew he had to protect her. He was assaulted by the strong scent of fear, and after a lot of convincing; she agreed to go with him to his cabin to rest and clean herself up. They ate and Christine finally opened up and told him the details of her attack. He quickly went outside to check the area before he shifted in front of her, scaring her even more. Ethan returned to the cabin when he calmed down, and found Christine asleep on the couch. He carried her to the bedroom, and at her request, he slept next to her, just holding her. For the next few days, they fell in love with each other. On the morning of the third day, Ethan awoke alone in his bed and instantly feared the worse. Outside he picked up her scent and the scent of other bear shifters, and knew she was in trouble. Grabbing his riffle, he ran to save his mate, shooting one of the twins in the heart and telling her to run. Ethan shifted into his bear and killed the other twin quickly. Zack and Ethan began fighting and Christine distracted Zack enough to allow Ethan to secure the kill. Ethan ran off to clean the blood off himself, but passed out leaving Christine to think he wanted her gone.
After writing Ethan a heartbreaking goodbye letter, she left the cabin and walked the miles to her apartment. Christine decided she could not live near Ethan and not be with him, but she thought he hated her. Christine spent the day packing and crying, and when she was done, she decided to tell her elderly landlord, Mrs. Collins, that she was moving in the morning. They talked for a while before Christine said goodbye, went back to her apartment, and cried herself to sleep.
Ethan followed Christine's scent all the way to the apartments where she lived. He knocked on #1 and Mrs. Collins told him which apartment was Christine's and wished him luck. Christine answered her door, let Ethan inside, and he explained the misunderstanding. He also explained the mating and his need to claim her. They both agreed to return to his cabin quickly. Once they were there, he made quick work of claiming her, and spent the rest of the night making love to his mate. Three months later, Christine was pregnant with twins and Ethan could not have been happier. This was the beginning of their happily ever after.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 8
Barbara A. Elkins
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

20yr old reader ,

Description too much

The description gave away every storyline and made it not worth reading the entire book. Really irritating.

DG Whit ,

Barely Mated

Ok.... Didn’t need to read the book .Thanks for the description . Not. Smh

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