Beast Charming

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One dance with this ‘prince’ could cost her a job.

Her freedom.

Her life.


Warlord Tane of Atlan is a warrior, not a prince.

So why is he wearing these ridiculous white pants and gold-trimmed jacket?

And gods help him, why are there hundreds of females in glittering gowns, circling like vultures, expecting him to dance?

The human producers of the Bachelor Beast television show thought this would be a good idea; dress up an unmated Warlord like a fairytale prince, invite hundreds of eligible human women to a ‘Cinderella Ball’, turn on their cameras, and record everything.

And then he sees her. His mate. The only female who can tame his beast.


This princess wasn’t supposed to be at the ball. A borrowed ballgown. A stolen invitation. A friend in trouble. Everything is going according to plan…until she can no longer resist temptation.

Surely one dance won’t hurt? 

Even a dance with a beast.


Don’t miss this wild and twisted Cinderella story. 

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April 26
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Tydbyts Media

Customer Reviews

Brightndays ,

Is their love doomed to only one perfect night?

Beast Charming is the fifth book in the Interstellar Brides Program: The Beasts series, but the romance stands alone. Elena is only at the Beast’s ball looking for her charge when Tane seeks her out and they have the perfect Cinderella passionate encounter. But her employer hates all things to do with aliens and won’t hesitate to use Elena for his own reasons. Will this Beast be able to convince his princess that she’s all his and he can keep her safe, or is their love doomed to only one perfect night?

This book was simply wonderful! A Cinderella remake with fun alien twists, written by one of my favorite authors, sign me up! Elena and Tane had this fast paced, instant connection that will have you swooning on one hand, and reaching for a tall glass of a cold beverage with the other! Elena was used to being in the background, a bit of her own choice, so I loved that she took ownership of her passions and made them into something beautiful and real and helpful. I don’t want to give too much away, but the ending was not quite what I was expecting, and the way she handled her situation was admirable. Tane is an Atlan Warlord, so not only did he have to find and convince his mate to accept him, but also his Beast. I loved how all he wanted to do was protect and possess his mate. They definitely had a passionate connection, one that would not be denied, but I loved the other ways they could connect, too. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting, but I enjoyed this book and the Interstellar Brides is an all time favorite series!

Goddess of Chaos ,

“Is she some kind of Cinderella?”

Elena is a genuine beauty, inside and out, who never expects to have a Cinderella moment when she tries to prevent the teenager she teaches from going too far in an effort to get her Dad’s attention.

Tane isn’t sure why he agreed to dress up like a prince and greet hundreds of women at a ball. Unlike these women, he’s an alien who can scent his mate, and as a result knows his destiny hadn’t arrived when the introductions began.

This done in one book is a great story about the things we do, not for ourselves, but for those around us, those we care about… the things we do because we know it will effect others, and we care enough to want to not only do what is right, but keep open avenues of hope and possibilities for others.

I was gifted with a copy of this book and chose to share my review.

MyOhMyMyOhMy ,

Our latest Bachelor Beast

Tane is an Atlan warlord whose only hope is to find a human mate. He’s on the verge of losing to the mating fever but only a true mate will work. He’ll know her when he sees her and sees her he does. Elaina didn’t receive an invitation to the ball and she’s no Cinderella. She shows up to rescue her charge, a billionaires rebelling daughter. Fast paced read with a bad billionaire who hates aliens forcing her to step beyond her comfort zone but she’ll do it to save her mate and he’ll revel in it.

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