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One look, one touch, and there is no denying the heat…

Twenty-one and single, Alexis Lopez hopes her lackluster response to men is a problem she’s eager to solve by volunteering for the Interstellar Brides Program. One look at the large, dominant alien who claims she belongs to him sets her body on fire. When he tells her, in explicit detail, how he’ll claim her in every way, she is eager to give her mate everything, body and soul.

Von of Everis is a ruthless and high ranking Hunter who’s spent years fighting in the Hive wars. But his bed, and his life, are empty until Alexis arrives. One look at his innocent little bride and he knows she belongs to him.

Simple, right? Nope. The match is challenged by one of the most feared warriors on the planet and stolen kisses and mind-numbing pleasure won’t save Von from a deadly duel. But Von is a Hunter, a warrior, a protector, and someone is trying to take what belongs to him. Only him. He will do whatever it takes to protect, save and claim his virgin mate.

March 15
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R. Manor ,

His Virgin Mate

As in the other books in the Interstellar Bride series this one starts out with a very hot dream sequence that takes place in the Interstellar Brides Processing Center (one day Inhooemto see Warden Egara get new mates of her own). After years of not being affected sexually by any men and being known as "frigid" Alexis Lopez finds herself craving this alien man who was calling her his mate.

Alexis has decided to volunteer for the Interstellar bride program finding herself 21 and alone with a boring job, she's lost both her parents and remains a virgin, so basically she had everything to gain if there was a match. To her surprise she is 99% matched to an Elite Hunter on the planet of Evaris. Introduced in a previous book these hunky alpha warriors are similar to humans but so much "more". It turns out Ages ago Evarians had settled on earth and their ancestors DNA existed in many human women to differing degrees.
Alexis not only was a percent Evarian she had the "mark" as well that would be matched to those of her mate. She continues dream sharing with this dominant, possessive male who is determined to make her his in every way possible (and on Evaris they follow a very particular claiming sequence). In addition it turns out on this planet Virginity is highly valued, how lucky for Alexis.

Von is an Elite Hunter and has fought many years in the Hive Wars. When he finds himself dreamsharing with the human woman who matches his mark he knows she is not only his mate but will fill the emptiness in his life he'd begun to feel of late. Their dreams are wildly erotic, he is a dominant naughty talking magnet that Alexis can't get enough of.

Alexis and several other human Brides who have Evarian ancestry are brought to Evaris. When Von and Alexis finally meet there are instant fireworks, After nights of intense dream sharing Von instantly finds Alexis like she is a glowing beam at the welcoming ball. Not all Evarians are lucky enough to have the marks like they share which makes their bond all the more intense.

This is an excellent quick reading start to a new series, new cultures and planets. It's science fiction and ten stars on the hotness scale but the author still draws you into a story that is also very romantic and heart warming. The author grabs readers into all the books of the series by the beginning Dream sequences but they each have different and unique characters, cultures and worlds to explore and be wowed by.
Hopefully the it won't be too long until we get the books about Alexis' friends, the other two earth girls that were matched to Evaris as well.

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