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Elite Hunter Zee is scarred from his time in the Hive war leaving him too much of a monster to seduce a beautiful, innocent virgin. Even if his Mark calls to hers, connecting them body and soul, he knows that after just one look at him and she will never surrender the three sacred virginities. Never accept him as a mate.

Blindfolded and seduced, Helen has never seen the Hunter whose voice makes her tremble. She knows something isn't right, but she can't say no to the mysterious and demanding Hunter whose kiss makes her burn, and whose touch makes her beg in the darkness of night.

Zee has everything he thinks he needs, until another takes advantage of his new mate's innocence... and tries to claim Zee's Interstellar Bride for his own.

July 10
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KSA Publishing Consultants Inc

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R. Manor ,

Interstellar Brides : The Virgins Book 4

Grace Goodwin- Claiming His Virgin(Interstellar Brides: The Virgins Book 4)
This is the 4th book of the Virgins spinoff of the Interstellar Brides. Helen has been matched at the Interstellar Brides to a dominant Evarian Hunter, Zee, who meets her sexually submissive needs. Her mating mark burns for its Evarian mate, and his burns for her, a special and rare gift when they find each other.
Helen is confused and frustrated my the male she has been matched to, Zee. He insists she be blindfolded during their meetings where he fills all her dreams of a dominant/submissive relationship. The scenes are hot and sexually charged as Zee begins the three steps to the Evarian Claiming.
Frustrated and desperate Helen, along with the help of the other “Brides”,finds a way to see her mysterious mate through the blindfold. When she gets a peek at Zee sees way beyond the scars which she feels even more attracted to the brave warrior.

Zee, has been scarred while fighting in the Hive Wars and believes he now looks like a monster no woman will have. Stubborn and fearful he will lose the female he has surprisingly been matched to, Zee continues to insist Helen not be able to see him.
Somehow she must devise a plan to show Zee that love goes way beyond what is on the outside. Besides the very sizzling scenes there is a very important message about seeing and perspective that pulls at our heartstrings.
A great novella sized story that can be read as stand alone but I find much more enjoyable in series order.

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