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Hope’s life has been nothing but one series of unfortunate events after another. Working hard to get good grades and forget about her miserable life has been her top goal for as long as she can remember. Finally, able to get away from a home she hates, she takes a full ride scholarship to the first college that accepts her. It’s supposed to be a new life, a new start and hopefully some new friends.

However, two months into school, she realizes nothing has changed. She’s still studying all the time and the only friend she has is her roommate. She’s got her eyes set on goals and no matter what, she’s going to make them happen. There is absolutely no room for distractions. Especially if those distractions come in the shape of a dangerously handsome lead singer of the hottest band in the world. 

He’s charming, sweet and everything that she never realized she was missing out on. Micah Duncan is the front man of Edge of Innocence and his reputation is anything but innocent. When everything she’s worked so hard for becomes jeopardized, Hope is faced with a couple tough questions. Can she handle everything that comes with falling for a rock star? Or will she walk away from him and leave nothing to chance?

This is the first book in the bestselling series by Katie Jones.

August 23
Vasko Books
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

vtHAD ,

Not for the price

So I like to book one but it was very very short when I looked in the book to for $2.99 it had 35 pages the same for the next two “books” in the series, so not Worth it for the price.

fcburt ,

Loved it

I loved this book it made me feel all the feels and I only wanted it I read this book I liked the characters and how they bother like each other and how it had both of there thought but I did not like how the chapters were so sort I would get into it but then it would end and I would have to buy another book I have never really enjoyed reading but this book just pulled me in I am on the 3 book and I love it so far so besides the really short chapters it was amazing.

Blacksheep ;) ,

Believe by Katie Jones

Story is ok. Definitely would have meant more if I could have the rest of the book.

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