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He comes out of the darkness, moving in on his  victims in deadly silence. When he leaves, a trail  of blood is all that remains. He is a monster,  Grendel, and all who know of him live in fear.

  Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, knows something  must be done to stop Grendel. But who will guard  the great hall he has built, where so many men have  lost their lives to the monster while keeping  watch?

Only one man dares to stand up to  Grendel's fury --Beowulf.

Young Adult
March 15
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

A believer in light ,

Beowulf by Robert Nye

Brilliant, beyond words, something to keep with you always in your heart. Balance seems to be the answer, and hope is wherever you look. A story for children and adults alike, but this work screams to be read allowed. The energy is in the cadence and as a magic elixir restores your faith. A story that will endure numerous tellings for generations. A banner of light in the darkness.

theeart ,

: D

Great book, highly recommend it to everyone

Spotty 46 ,

Beowulf is Beowulf

I purchased this book for a class assignment, yet it turned out to surprise me. I loved the drama, the imagery, and everything In between. The only thing about this book is that it's extremely predictable. There is a lot of simple foreshadowing that tells you the end before your halfway through the book.vI would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a short,simple, and sweet classic story. Beowulf is a beautiful book and Robert Nye has really outdone himself.

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