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Ella is the kind of gorgeous woman who would turn heads everywhere. Unfortunately, she has never found a man who can push all the right buttons.

Until now.

Enter Nicholas Gentry, a playboy billionaire who knows exactly how to make a woman submit.

It doesn't take long for him to crumble her resistance and make her surrender to him completely.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"Come now, let's get you cleaned up," his large hand circled my wrist and he pulled me past the imposing double doors.

"Mr. Gentry, this is hardly appropriate. You should be-"

"Hush. You should get cleaned up before the dress stains," he said, guiding me up the winding stairs and down the hall to the last room.

He pushed open the door and we stepped into the empty room. His arm still cupping my elbow, he led me to a small love seat and gestured for me to sit.

Then, he reached for a napkin his pocket and pressed it against my chest and neck. Warm sizzles coursed down my spine as he touched my skin gingerly. I could feel the heat of his fingertips scorching me with desire. It was ridiculous how easily my body was reacting to his every move.

My breasts swelled and my nipples quickly perked up. I was completely aware of how low-cut the dress was and how dangerously close his fingers were to touching bare skin.

"I can do that myself, thank you very much," I demurred, taking the napkin from his hand and dabbing the wetness from my breast gingerly, unsuccessfully avoiding the intense reaction his mere presence was having on my nerves the entire time. Even my own touch was making me more aroused.

"Can I convince you out of the dress?" he asked and my heart stopped.

"Excuse me?" I gasped, looking up to lock eyes with him. I was certain that I had heard him wrong. Did he just ask me to undress?!

"The dress," he said. "I'm afraid ants will start coming after you if you keep wearing that any longer," he said jokingly. "But mostly I'm worried that will stain."

At a loss for words, I remained silent as I continued dabbing the sweet liquid from my skin. He was right. I was fighting a losing battle. The drink had seeped to my dress and was fast creating a stain. The faster I took it off, the easier it was to get the color out.

"Do you have anything else I could wear?" I asked carefully.

He looked around for a moment, then took off his jacket and started unbuttoning the white suit beneath it. "I don't think this will be missed," he said with an easy smile when my eyes bulged at he slowly undressed right in front of me. The expensive tailored formalwear came off, revealing his perfect half-naked body beneath it.

His body was rock hard. All muscles and masculinity with just a hint of hair on his chest. His abs were so pronounced I was certain I could wash off the stain on my dress on it. I resisted the urge to run my fingers over his body to feel if they were real. They were too perfect to be real. I licked my lips. It was hard not to wonder how it would feel to have my fingers over his back as he pounded into me.

"Like what you see?" he asked, surprising me from my daydream.

Fiction & Literature
November 21
Boruma Publishing
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