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Bind Quilts by Machine is a patchwork quilter's dream come true! There is no more reason or need to finish patchwork quilts with hand sewing. Modern technology, methods and standards now permit quilt bindings to go on quickly and easily, entirely sewn by machine. Teaching three primary methods for binding quilts entirely by machine, Bind Quilts by Machine even conquers double-fold binding!

Bind Quilts by Machine begins by introducing a new method for stacking and squaring a quilt, one based on extensive experience that results in a squared quilt before quilting! Readers are encouraged to try this method for themselves to see how they can avoid trimming as a squaring device, often with loss of important quilt top patchwork.

Then, instructions for Fuss-Free Binding, Seamless Binding and Double-Fold Binding ensure that you never again have to hand-sew a quilt binding!

---Fuss-Free Binding, a single-fold binding method, goes on in a snap, with no pinning required, beautifully mitered corners, and an easy-to-sew final closure indistinguishable from all other joins.

---Seamless Binding buries all binding join seam lines in the mitered corners. It, too, goes on quickly and easily once you know how to do it.

---Double-Fold Binding by machine gives every quilter the option to apply thick and lovely double-fold bindings—entirely by machine!

These three core quilt binding methods are made even more appealing with the application of Perfect Piping. Whether added as solid contrasting color or multicolored strips, Perfect Piping gives a gorgeous accent to any quilt binding, border—even patchwork! Learn its simple secrets from Bind Quilts by Machine.

Finally, explore four other ways to finish the edges of patchwork quilts by machine—mock binding, bagging, facing and raw edge treatments. These methods, plus the three primary machine binding techniques, give any patchwork quilter a full repertoire of methods to make finishing patchwork quilts as quick and easy as making them!

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July 18
Dena Dale Crain
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