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Eli Channing and his two brothers are Vampire Wardens, keepers of silence and peace between humans and other beings. A duty the council of elders bestowed on them a century before, a duty these brothers embrace. A duty they perform around the werewolves civil war, as long as that war avoids humans and vampires. Easy enough until a virus begins turning wolves into killers.

The three brothers pursue an infected wolf into a small Colorado town with every intention of exterminating the monster but nothing goes as planned when the wolf attacks Ivy Smith. The eldest brother, Eli, saves her life but not before Ivy is bitten. As Eli nurses her back to health a century of ice melts from his veins, but there’s one problem an unexpected sizzling attraction and connection between human and vampire can’t solve. If Eli doesn’t find a cure for the infection in Ivy's blood by the next full moon, she too will become a killer wolf.

September 14
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

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