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Badass witch Phoebe Kilsen has spent years looking for her brother. Now that she’s found him, her world is turned upside down and everything she has ever known to be true appears to be false. Cut off from everyone except her brother, can she find a way back to her partner Dax, her best friend Willow, and her life’s work with the Void? Or will she be destined to live a lie with a vampire she’s never trusted?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 4
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


Awesome story! I give this book 10 stars! As you know from past stories Phoebe search for her brother hadn’t ended. Well her finding her brother opens an entirely different can of worms. As you read this book you will encounter two different realities with similarities but the challenge will be figuring out what is happening. There are truths and there is mystery but you will enjoy the twists and going ons as you read this excellent book.

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Third book in Last Witch Standing series

Bitten at Daybreak by Deanna Chase is the third tale in the Last Witch Standing series. Phoebe Kilsen has been searching for her brother, Seth for the last eight years. She has finally found him and finds herself in an alternate reality. Phoebe is unable to cross back over because her doppelganger slipped through and took her place. She hopes that Dax will be able to notice the difference and come searching for her. Phoebe must keep her wits about her while in this alternate world. The alternate Phoebe is married to Eadric Allcot, the vampire and Phoebe wants to avoid his bed (and his fangs) at all costs as well as his wrath. Dax is worried when Phoebe fails to show up for work or take his calls. When shifters are being murdered by a witch, Dax fears Phoebe is behind the killings. Find out what happens to Phoebe in Bitten at Daybreak.

Bitten at Daybreak is a fast-paced paranormal romantic suspense novel (that is a mouthful). It picks up where Bloodlust by Midnight ends with Phoebe following Seth into an alternate reality. I recommend reading the Last Witch Standing series in order. It will help you understand the characters and how Phoebe ended up in her current predicament. I found Bitten at Daybreak to contain good writing with a fast pace. There are strong characters in the book that include witches, fae, shifters and vampires. The point-of-view switches between worlds. Phoebe in the alternate universe and Dax in their world. The two storylines tie together, and I like how everything was wrapped up at the end. I especially appreciated the epilogue. It was nice to see Phoebe develop as a person. She is still her strong, determined self but Phoebe comes to some realizations regarding her relationship with Dax (I do not want to spoil the book for you). I do want readers to know that there is foul language, extreme violence and steamy intimate scenes. Phoebe and Dax are in for blood-tingling adventure in Bitten at Daybreak.

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