Book 2 - Black Knights Inc: Reloaded

Black Hearted

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He’s everything she ever wanted. She’s everything he never knew he needed. Can she convince him she’s the one?

The Black Knights are back and better than ever!

Samuel Harwood has spent his entire career working in the black and gray areas of international intrigue. Living in the shadows for so long has made him forget who he was and where he came from. Then a blast from the past, in the form of his ex-girlfriend’s kid sister, arrives on the front steps of Black Knights Inc, reminding him of everything he left behind. Except, she’s no longer a kid. And she’s in serious trouble.

Hannah Blue has been in love with Sam Harwood since she was in braces. When someone sabotages her entire life, he’s the first person she turns to. She has critical information about a potential cyber-attack on the U.S. power grid that could end in catastrophic financial damage and loss of life. But the FBI thinks she’s a traitor. And now she’s on the run to save herself and the fate of the entire nation.

Who does Samuel trust? The smart, sexy woman he’s known since he was a teenager? Or the government authorities who give him his orders and cut his paychecks? He’ll make one desperate play to find out. A play that could cost him everything…including his heart.

"A first-rate thrill ride."—Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review for Thrill Ride

"This razor-sharp, sensual, and intriguing tale will get hearts pounding"—Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review for Wild Ride

"Deft characterization, skillful pacing, touches of humor, and red-hot love scenes rev up this highly recommended roller-coaster." —Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review for In Rides Trouble

July 26
Limerence Publications LLC
Julie Ann Walker

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

Sam and Hannah are like oil and water

These two are like oil and water. They don't seem to blend well. But what you don't realize is that he is acting like a grade schooler pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes. Hannah has been in love with Sam since she was 13. She's helped him out of a couple of situations with her mad computer skills. But when Hannah is the one in trouble, will Sam be able to help her? This books is chock full of adventure. Espionage, FBI "jail" break, FBI agents who despise the Black Knights and an unknown person pulling the strings. Oh and let's not forget the threat to a state's power supply and national security. Yeah, just a few things going on. Enjoy the ride, there will be more to come.

2BeagleDogs ,

Five star romantic suspense

Yay for more Black Knights, Inc. Reloaded! With the tension between Sam Harwood and Hannah Blue that started in the first BKI reloaded book (Back in Black), I knew this would be good! Hannah finds herself in trouble and calls Sam to help her out. As we have come to expect from Julie Ann Walker, there is a well developed plot and a fast-paced storyline. She is absolutely the queen of romantic suspense.

I liked the changing relationship between Sam and “Hurricane” Hannah, his nickname for her when she was 13. You could feel his struggle throughout the book to accept that she was an adult and adjust to their growing chemistry. As always, the team had to work together to help save part of the free world, and more of the OG crew made an appearance. I am a huge fan and I am very excited to be back in the world of the Black Knights.

Sulczar357 ,

A well-written and fast-paced story!

Samuel Harwood has known Hannah Blue since she was 13, and he dated her older sister. Hannah is nearly 30 now and recently helped Sam with a BKI job. He finally sees her as a woman instead of a kid, but she believes he will never be interested in her. One night her apartment is raided by the FBI, because they think she is working with the Chinese to take down the power grid on the east coast. She’s not, but proving that to ignorant agents who have already decided she’s guilty is difficult. Her roommate contacts Sam for help, and Hannah finds a way to get to him.

This story moves quickly. There are conflicts and uncertainties and some misunderstandings, but eventually things start to look better. However, the story ends with a few ‘hooks’ to get readers interested in the next book in this riveting series.

Julie Ann Walker exposes some real life issues that the US and other countries are currently experiencing in this book, and she does it in a thought-provoking way. She’s not afraid to speak up about some of the stupid decisions being made currently. I, for one, am glad that her voice can reach readers and raise awareness about important issues.

This book is exciting and fast-paced and is well-written. This one is the second book in this reloaded series. It can be read as a stand alone, but would be much better if the first book is read before starting this one.

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